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Catastrophe Theory
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pixels by polks
June 8th
12:46 AM CST

tiny sketchbook opens with a series of doodles of my mages

February 13th
11:13 PM CST

Best platonic Valentine’s friends!!!

8:15 PM CST

Kind of a color experiment that got away from me. I’m still working out digital coloring, and how to apply slightly less literal color? It’s kind of an uphill climb for me, but I’m trying.

February 10th
11:42 PM CST

So I realized once I finished that I had done a similar picture of the same characters in 2004


ha ha

oh my god

(also I guess Sarah used to be Samantha?? that’s weirrrrrdddd)

eta: this gets weirder the more I look at it WHY IS SHE WEARING A BRA?

why are Jamie’s eyes green

what is going on

11:25 PM CST

Gonna play with adding color to this later maybe? But for now I’m calling it a successful experiment.

4:43 PM CST

wip of my trying out that technique of blu’s

holy crap it’s fun it’s like working reductively with charcoal (aka MY FAVORITE WAY TO WORK WITH CHARCOAL)

figuring out this digital thing bit by bit :p

January 25th
1:19 AM CST

Here’s something I drew during my Illustration class to wind down and re-acclimate myself to my technical pens. I wish my scanner worked guhhhhhhh so frustrated

January 14th
9:58 PM CST

Kalli, Senna, and their daughter Priya~

January 12th
2:49 PM CST
January 10th
2:52 AM CST

Full name Kaleeswari, wind mage and music school graduate. She plays the flute! She’s a lesbian who is not yet out to her family because she’s a bit afraid of the possible fallout- she’s very non-confrontational and values her relationship with her family a lot, so she doesn’t want to rock the boat and risk disappointing her parents. She has a big soppy crush on Senna and frets over trying to help her relate to the group and be a little less miserable. She’s super shy so it’s not always easy to work up the nerve to reach out, though.¬†She lives on her own and does her best not to be a burden on anyone, but she’s actually very lonely and misses being at home.

1:36 AM CST

Joo-eun Seung, the water mage in the fantasy storyline~ She’s very strong-willed and independent, and she’s been living on her own since she was 16. She likes people well enough, but really appreciates solitude, and found her family life far too confining. She’s interested in natural medicine and runs a massage therapy business out of her home. She has very firm beliefs- it’s hard to rile her up, and she finds rigorous debates enjoyable because she’s good at framing her arguments. This trait is endlessly irritating to fellow mage Robert, who tends to fall on the opposite side of these debates and is much easier to ruffle. The two of them are sort of the surrogate parents of their group, with her being the totally lax hippie mom to his conservative disciplinarian dad.

12:41 AM CST

Back to modern stuff, here’s Blade, whose first name is actually Benjamin, but his middle name is actually Blade because his parents were nerds. He started going by Blade when he was around 11 or 12, around the same time he decided that he started ~rebelling~ against ~social standards~ and started to get interested in gothy fashion.

Blade is biracial (his late father was Lakota and his mother is white) and genderqueer (pronouns are generally he/his but he has no real preference) with an interest in alt fashion, jewelry making, and metalwork. Relatedly, he’s a mage in the fantasy storyline and can manipulate metal with ~magic~! In a past life he was a badass FAAB swordsmith who spent most of his life presenting male.

He was kind of angry and confrontational when he was younger but he’s started to mellow out in recent months and is generally easy-going. He’s very physically affectionate but not terribly good with words.