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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
July 14th
12:37 AM CST

solarca replied to your post: solarca replied to your photo: wow I think I might…

haha I only wondered because it seemed like the opening to some funny short. still I’d love to see more from you!

yeah I hoped it would feel like that! unfortunately it’s the beginning of a big nothing  hahaha cry


July 13th
11:42 PM CST

solarca replied to your photo: wow I think I might actually be done with this?!…

ooh tell me this is gonna be part of a bigger comic? this one looks real great! :3

AHAHAHA SOB no sorry ;-;  thank you!!

I had a different idea in the spiffverse for a comic that would look a lot…. simpler…… with Harrison and Marcus, we’ll see if I get anywhere with that i guess???? I had a general outline in my head and I started thumbnailing but then I got stuck on one transition and totally roadblocked myself blargh

as for these guys, they depend on Riss makin up more stuff so if she does that maybe I’ll do more stuff!! with them!! yeah!!

December 4th
3:06 AM CST

solarca replied to your post: god me and Riss just thought up a whole…

…not sure if want to know hahaha

isaac is frank and rex is rocky so no

you don’t

(this all started because harrison is janet and janet is brad)

October 28th
12:16 PM CST

solarca replied to your photoset: Some stuff from my life drawing class :B I don’t…

it’s weird that you like the first one because the other two show lots of improvement over it definitely! Buyt maybe that’s because I don’t think the face is very squished and I think your additive piece came out pretty great :]~

The first one has some hand sizing issues but seems okay otherwise, whereas the the second one has a weird foot and her cheek is all swollen :I  and the last one’s background is pretty screwed and there’s all this gross looking texture coming through because I was running out of paper and it’s near the cardboard back of the newsprint pad. Also the shadows in that one are way clumsier!

If I weren’t so focused on the foot and the face in the second one I think I would like it better maybe? But the fabric in that one is also kind of incomplete compared to the first one.

Thank you :3

October 17th
5:08 PM CST

solarca replied to your photo:  solarca replied to your photo: went ahead and…

yaay I’m helpful ;_; also I guess this means you’re in your bedroom and I haven’t noticed this whole time? lol ;;;



July 15th
1:49 PM CST

solarca replied to your video: When your prologue is more complicated than the…

I’m sorry I couldn’t get over the fact that they used a flippin’ screenshot from code geass and expected me to take all their photomanips seriously

the first episode is all sprites

so yeah

July 13th
9:26 PM CST

solarca replied to your photo: More from the vault. Yup, I guess I was the kind…

mom loves your pictures so much she’s digging out my old drawings from a drawer. what have you done

July 11th
12:42 AM CST

solarca replied to your post: oh that’s nice

fly paper?

am I going to have to find out if wal mart actually sells fly paper tomorrow

May 26th
7:04 PM CST

solarca replied to your photo: Tentatively calling this one finished. What say…

hey nice! :D :D loving the background, you did a great job with it! maybe (since this is a supah quick fix) put some atmospheric perspective/diffused light on the moon? but other than that I say yeaaah this looks awesome! :]

Is this any better? :>

May 19th
12:03 AM CST

solarca replied to your post: solarca replied to your post: hospitalvespers…

he can keep ‘em; I’m more of a Basch kind of girl anyhoo :V lol


May 18th
11:54 PM CST

solarca replied to your post: hospitalvespers replied to your post: okay I am in…

yyyyyyeaaaah that’s really creepy D: lol

what you don’t like my ~*~*~*~*BEAUTIFUL*~*~*~*~ Balthier

he has smooches just for youuu

May 4th
7:15 PM CST

solarca replied to your post: feel like I should do some dynamic pose draws

cartwheels. jumping off a diving board. Slipped on something and falling backwards. three-legged race. :]]]

ooh these are good

….three legged race between Jibril (5’11”) and Senna (5’1”) time