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Catastrophe Theory
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March 24th
9:42 PM CST


a picture of an OC for a friend because I miss her :<

Shad’s the biggest BadAss <3


It’s a Shad!!! aahhhhh I missed this lady <3 Thank you, Chrissy!! Everyone go follow my friend Chrissy okay? :D

December 4th
3:23 PM CST

four generations: Clara, Shad, Deirdre, and Izzy

1:21 PM CST

catch some shut-eye

December 3rd
2:20 PM CST

lesbiaaans replied to your post: 

THESE ARE SOME FASCINATING PEEPS. Hannah sounds like an instant favorite though omg


here i have a doodle of her topless for no reason sitting on my scratchpad right now, enjoy

1:56 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

I've absolutely fallen in love with the Bradley family, but I noticed you haven't done them in a while. If you're willing, do you think you could do a quick Clara? She's my favorite. :{3

Ahhhh thank you so much…. nothing makes me happier than hearing that people other than myself like my OCs, haha. And you like Clara, too! BLESS YOU. I will try to do some more stuff with her soon!

Since I have a ton of new followers who don’t know who any of my weird people are, I decided to do a little intro for the Bradleys (and co.) :>

This is Isaac Bradley, co-founder of the Sebastian Theater. He’s a cunning manipulator dripping with charm who dies suddenly when his son Rex is 12, and leaves behind a considerable mess.

This is his wife, Clara Bradley (nee Shane). Her late father left her family in a heap of unforeseen debt, which would have destroyed their reputation and social standings had it not been for her convenient marriage to Isaac. During his life, their relationship was strained and chilly at best.

And this is Charles Kerrigan, Isaac’s long-time partner in both business and romance. The son of a tailor with a lifetime love of theater, his friendship with Isaac opened the door for him socially and professionally.

And this is Rex Bradley all grown up. Strong as his pedigree is, he looks and behaves more like a drunken vagrant than the son of a wealthy socialite. He resents his mother for trying to keep him in line and is still angry over the loss of his father. Charles did what he could trying to look after him in Isaac’s absence, and Rex regards him as a surrogate parent.

There’s also Graham Shane, Clara’s older brother the railroad tycoon, and his black sheep daughter Hannah, who wanders the wild west under the pseudonym Shadrach. :O

June 25th
6:59 PM CST

Shad and her auntie Clara

January 9th
2:05 AM CST

First off: Shadrach Shane!

Origins: I made her up my senior year of high school because my web design class was super boring. I would browse through Wikipedia and just grab random mythological names and stuff and make people out of them and she was one of them. (A lot of these characters later got revamped to be less appropriative and gross :P)

Initially she was in a futuristic setting that was basically all of my boners for Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, and Outlaw Star tossed into a big space blender. I have since managed to work her into both a 1920s setting and a wild west setting, but my current focus is trying to make her work in a modern setting argh

Basic details that haven’t changed: She’s headstrong as hell and doesn’t know how to take no for an answer, which is a trait she inherited from her dad, whom she never got on with due to this exact similarity. She had a heart condition which prevented her from joining the military (which she wanted to do partly because it meant getting the hell away from home) but was able to enter after signing up for an experimental program intended to create a “solution” for her disability. Predictably this goes badly.

Bonus info: Rex Bradley is her cousin. Shadrach is also not her real first name, because her parents are much more sensible than that.

March 1st
1:33 AM CST


Next up are Shadrach and Laketi. Oof, that one was hard. XD  Shadrach is of course a Biblical reference, but the name apparently means “Aku’s command”. Which, also of course, did not turn up anything on Polyvore, so I just searched “command”. And Laketi, as far as I know, doesn’t mean a goddamn thing, so I searched her last name, which is “Ocean”.