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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
January 5th
4:19 PM CST

Jamie doesn’t keep many secrets from Sarah, and Sarah has too good a poker face for Jamie to know for certain if she has many secrets at all.

September 19th
4:01 PM CST

Awful art prompt #5. I just realized re-reading the prompt that I did this wrong. OOPS.

Anyway you’re supposed to draw something using techniques you used in a picture at least 2 years old. I couldn’t duplicate that exactly because I don’t have the same programs anymore, or a scanner, but I tried? I used to scan in pencil drawings and then airbrush over them with “colorize” which predictably looked like shit :B

September 11th
3:03 PM CST

What are you afraid of? (5/8)

June 8th
12:46 AM CST

tiny sketchbook opens with a series of doodles of my mages

12:19 AM CST

I practice inking on these two a lot

12:12 AM CST

Some stuff from my sketchbook, three of which are fooling around with a brushpen and two of which are the first X-Files fanarts I ever did, back when I was still trying to figure out how Scully’s angelic face WORKED

February 13th
8:15 PM CST

Kind of a color experiment that got away from me. I’m still working out digital coloring, and how to apply slightly less literal color? It’s kind of an uphill climb for me, but I’m trying.

February 10th
11:42 PM CST

So I realized once I finished that I had done a similar picture of the same characters in 2004


ha ha

oh my god

(also I guess Sarah used to be Samantha?? that’s weirrrrrdddd)

eta: this gets weirder the more I look at it WHY IS SHE WEARING A BRA?

why are Jamie’s eyes green

what is going on

11:25 PM CST

Gonna play with adding color to this later maybe? But for now I’m calling it a successful experiment.

4:43 PM CST

wip of my trying out that technique of blu’s

holy crap it’s fun it’s like working reductively with charcoal (aka MY FAVORITE WAY TO WORK WITH CHARCOAL)

figuring out this digital thing bit by bit :p

January 25th
1:19 AM CST

Here’s something I drew during my Illustration class to wind down and re-acclimate myself to my technical pens. I wish my scanner worked guhhhhhhh so frustrated

January 19th
12:02 AM CST

And that’s the last of the Ruche¬†dresses Riss sent me. Models are Izzy, Devonne, and Sarah!