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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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September 11th
12:33 AM CST

What are you afraid of? (2/8)

June 8th
12:46 AM CST

tiny sketchbook opens with a series of doodles of my mages

October 26th
9:55 PM CST

three guys and one nonbinary who generally presents as a guy (Blade)

Played around with the length of Aden’s hair a bit. Still mulling over whether to let Jamie keep the ponytail? At this point he’s still in kind of a “dorky teenager who doesn’t really know how to take care of his appearance but still cares about it” state so idk what to do there

Robert’s jaw is a touch squarer

Aden needs more tattoos but they’re all under his clothes haha /cheater

April 16th
11:35 PM CST

Finally started coloring that height chart I made a zillion years ago, here’s what I’ve done so far tonight. I’m a little more than half-way finished with it.

As always, if you want to know anything about anyone, go ahead and ask me!

March 10th
2:51 AM CST

Just a little visual for myself, I wanted to compare the characters in the old lineup versus the same ones from the new lineup. That first one I drew less than a year ago in June, dang.

March 9th
1:07 AM CST

(Left to right: Senna, Kalli, Joo-eun, Robert, Jibril)

Senna- 21, 5’1”, white, American, lesbian. Her parents weren’t technically entirely human! She is the main character of our fine tale. She’s the type of person who has very strong ideals and sort of freaks out and turns to extreme cynicism when their ideals fail them. Which is pretty much exactly the case at the beginning of the story. She is failing out of college (English major), just coming out of a huge breakup with her girlfriend of six years, and is basically on the verge of wanting to die because she has no sense of direction or purpose. She’s very analytical and thoughtful but has trouble seeing the positive side of things. Does Not Believe In Magicâ„¢. Unfortunately for her, she is sort of a medium.

Kalli- 23, 5’3”, Indian American, lesbian. Full name is Kaleeswari, but when she was in school she got tired of people fucking up the pronunciation, so she just went by her nickname. Has a music degree and works as a flute player. A little shy, but friendly. Her family is really important to her, which caused some problems with her high school girlfriend, who was putting a lot of pressure on her to come out at the time. She still hasn’t come out, though. She’s a motherly type, likes to take care of people, good listener, frets a lot. Wind magic.

Joo-eun, 28, 5’7”, Korean American, I’m tentatively calling her straight but I don’t think she’d turn down the right lady. Works as a freelance massage therapist. Very independent, to the point where she ran away from home at 16 because she found it too stifling. She’s the type of person who flourishes in new and unfamiliar situations, and she’s very adaptable. Has very strong opinions, and has convictions such that she rarely gets angry over debates. Water magic.

Robert- 27, 5’10”, El Salvadorian American, straight. High school Geology/Earth Science teacher. Can be sort of old-fashioned and conservative, but he’s not completely backwards. Feels strongly about his position as a leader and a role model, especially towards children. He and Joo-eun butt heads a lot, but while she seems to enjoy it, he always ends up getting flustered and frustrated by their arguments. Earth magic.

Jibril- ???, 5’11”, ????????????!?!?!. Jibril isn’t human, and has no gender anyone can immediately discern. Appears entirely in Senna’s dreams and visions, where ze enjoys playing with the decor and taking fashion cues from deep within her subconscious. Super perky, almost always positive, very proactive. Basically Senna’s complete opposite. Ze communicates with Senna to help her guide the mages and clue them in on supernatural goings-on.

As always, questions about anyone are always welcome as they help me figure stuff out and solidify details. :D

January 18th
12:47 AM CST

fashion lineups

These are all the fashion lineups I’ve done so far. All these guys are characters from this magic story I’ve had in my head in some form or another since I was about 12, so you can imagine the massive overhauls it’s undergone. 6_9

If you want to know more about any of them, go ahead and ask! :D

November 21st
8:09 PM CST

Trying out the coloring style I do with portraits on pre-existing pencil art. It’s really hard for me to start full drawings digitally, but it was much easier to get started with my basic sketch already there to paint over. Might be using this more in the future. Hooray for actually finishing full pieces! Next time I’ll plan out the composition and stuff first, this was just kind of freedrawing during my lectures haha.

Unfortunately I’ll probably never get around to actually writing this story out, but I have been working on trying to iron out the crappy bits of plot recently. (I’ve had it floating around in my brain since I was about 12 so parts of it are bound to suck, lol)