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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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November 27th
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and from their distant homeland banished, seek paradise in dreams each night

/REBLOGS MONTHS OLD ART i’m still pretty happy with this :( :( :(

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a message from Anonymous

Relating to the Wreck It Ralph ask, what is something you really like that you think people should read, and could you sell us on it?

Everyone should read Please Save My Earth so I’m not one of maybe two or three people on the internet still talking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my favorite manga and it’s not perfect but I think it’s really fantastic and super underrated and I count it as a big inspiration for my work. The art is really beautiful old-school shoujo (it ran from 87-94) and it manages to handle a pretty big, really complicated ensemble cast so gracefully with only one real falter I can think of at the very end which probably doesn’t bother many people besides me. :B also there’s some goofy meta humor, including jabs at the artist’s time doing BL Saint Seiya doujins.

It’s about seven kids who share dreams of their previous lives as alien scientists observing the Earth from a station on the moon! There’s the typical emotional drama you would expect from a shoujo, with some bonus gender/sexuality issues, but there’s also some pretty neat worldbuilding with the aliens and their culture/religion.

there’s also a six-episode anime OAV, which covers the first 5-6 volumes of the manga and compresses a lot for time. it’s a bit more melodramatic than the books (a lot of the humor gets left out) but the animation is really lovely and the music is great (Yoko Kanno does the theme song) and it’s a good introduction to the books before you make the 21 volume commitment.

October 20th
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and now I’m serving time for mistakes made by another in another lifetime

June 21st
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and from their distant homeland banished, seek paradise in dreams each night

September 7th
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sup it’s been a while

my scanner won’t install and I’m working on school stuff all the time

have something I doodled in the margins of my technical illustration project so I wouldn’t tear all my hair out

February 22nd
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One more pic (of my current favorite character, Haruhiko) because talking about watching PSME when I was 12 made me realize it’s been just about ten years…! ;_;

A fitting anniversary celebration, I suppose! <3

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Or maybe you don’t, but that’s too bad because she’s doing it anyway.

Please Save My Earth was a manga by Saki Hiwatari, which originally came out in 1987, so it’s at least a year older than me, which means DELICIOUS RETRO MANGA. I watched the super-shiny anime first, so the retro style (and the fact that the artist was still growing a lot at the start of the series) took me a while to get used to, but now I can honestly say I find it so charming and lovely. If that’s putting you off reading it, I hope you’ll give it a second chance or at least take a peek at some of the later volumes. Ms. Hiwatari’s art grows so much over the course of the series. As it should, since it’s 21 volumes!

The basic premise surrounds seven people who see their past lives as alien scientists in their dreams. In their dreams, they are stationed in a base on the moon, where they watch over and study the Earth. The various dramas and tragedies that ruled them in their lives on the moon begin to affect their actions and personalities in the present.

With such a large cast of characters (Seven mains with seven alter egos, plus a horde of important side characters), Ms. Hiwatari does a really fantastic job of keeping track of all of their personalities and agendas, even with such complicated things affecting how they behave. Every time I read I’m increasingly impressed with how well she handles the various plot threads and manipulates how the reader interprets characters at any given time during the story. Things I had assumed about characters from watching the anime, which only covers a portion of the events in volumes 1-6, and even from reading the earlier chapters, turn out to be ideas brought on by unreliable narration from other characters, or false portraits being presented by half-remembered events. Characters who seemed unrealistically immaculate are suddenly revealed to have so many more facets than you ever realized. My favorite character when I first watched the anime at age 12 certainly hasn’t remained that way since I read the manga, which isn’t something I can usually say. (I’m a loyal nerd.)

There are things about it that make me pause, or that I wish had gone differently. A bit of a warning, there is a rape that factors pretty significantly into the story, and the resolution of that plotline has made me think long and hard about whether I was okay with how it was written. As of right now, I’m mostly okay with it, but I wouldn’t blame anyone who was upset by it or required a bit more explanation than the text overtly provided.

There are also some gender and sexuality issues at work in the story, given that one of the characters who had been female on the moon base was reborn male on Earth. The sexuality stuff was fine until it got kind of wrapped up in what his gender was, and that is one of the only parts about the ending that I still have a problem with. It’s not big enough to affect my opinion of the story as a whole, though. I just have a little bit more invested in that aspect of the story than a lot of readers might have, probably. Haha.

A bonus for people who watch the anime is the music, some of which was done by Yoko Kanno. And holy shit, it is beautiful!

Also, while it is a shoujo manga with a lot of romantic subplots and love triangles, I don’t feel like it falls into the trap a lot of other romantic comics do. It’s largely a sci-fi mystery, really, with the relationships between the characters driving their other actions. Former Yakuza Tamura and ESPer Mikuro get a lot of really cool action sequences. There’s also a lot of philosophy/religious talk and some neat worldbuilding for the alien scientist’s homeland, similar though it may be to Earth.

Seeing PSME at a young age really shaped a lot of the stories I started back then, some of which I still play with today. They’ve changed a lot since then, but the influence is still there in some obvious ways. So much about it inspires me and makes my heart fill up in that special way hearing your favorite song might do. <3 Basically, it’s really great, and I rant about it to anyone who’ll listen.

I think it’s up on Youtube (hopefully all of it?), so if you need any more convincing and want to see the lovely three-hour animated commercial for the manga, check it out! Keep in mind that a lot had to be omitted for time’s sake, and that, great as it is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the manga in my opinion.

Thus ends Katie’s Nerding Out Hour! If you read all that, you’re cool and I would like to high five you.

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secondlina replied to your photo:I really love this series. and I never even got to finish it…
The day I found out Viz was finally releasing the manga I had the biggest fangasm ever and after that I obsessively collected every volume. It’s one of the only comics I’ve collected every volume of, haha. I’m kinda proud of it. In the nerdiest way possible. So, if you can find them anywhere, you’ve got to pick them up! I never realized just how much I had been missing out on when I watched the anime. It’s like a really polished three-hour commercial for the manga, haha. Now if only they would release the sequel…!!
okay I guess I have to make a full post about it now 9_6
(OH SHIT in my searching for images, I found a scanslation… I strongly suggest buying the comics, but I understand their availability might not be the best since it’s not a very popular series. I hope it’s a good translation! ugh but they call her Arisu… Oh shit, does this mean I’m going to read it again…?!)
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I’ve been re-reading the Please Save My Earth manga in my off time. I just finished the 21st and last volume. So obviously it’s time to watch the OVA.

I highly recommend it. I could go on and on. Maybe later I’ll do a proper rec post haha.