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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
June 14th
2:25 PM CST


January 28th
12:08 AM CST

some of my old Kannaos got some attention today so I did a quick sketch cause I miss these frickin dorks

November 30th
11:39 PM CST

Jumping on the Persona and Recreation train like a year later, as dictated to me last night by my senpai.

July 9th
12:32 AM CST

a message from kageshirogane

Ororo, want to draw Shadow Naoto? <:3 (I know, such an original request).


Shadow Kanji thinks he’d make a great boyfriend

April 30th
4:51 PM CST

animejackburton replied to your photo: did that thing where you doodle your favorite…

an invisible naoto is down there i presume

4:34 PM CST

did that thing where you doodle your favorite character wearing what you’re wearing, just to blow off some steam

it’s too hooot ;n;

February 7th
9:32 PM CST

the complete set!

9:26 PM CST

back off, her dad is a cop

8:39 PM CST

it was this or more bear puns

5:17 PM CST

also our social link is already rank 10, so…

3:58 PM CST

unless, you know, you want it to be???

2:14 PM CST

just turn around boy and let me hit that