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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
June 14th
2:25 PM CST


January 28th
12:08 AM CST

some of my old Kannaos got some attention today so I did a quick sketch cause I miss these frickin dorks

November 30th
11:39 PM CST

Jumping on the Persona and Recreation train like a year later, as dictated to me last night by my senpai.

July 9th
12:32 AM CST

a message from kageshirogane

Ororo, want to draw Shadow Naoto? <:3 (I know, such an original request).


Shadow Kanji thinks he’d make a great boyfriend

April 30th
4:51 PM CST

animejackburton replied to your photo: did that thing where you doodle your favorite…

an invisible naoto is down there i presume

February 5th
11:08 PM CST

Naoto “Sex Machine” Shirogane

September 26th
10:19 PM CST

sometimes you just naked naoto

September 14th
10:39 PM CST

DAY 30 of the OTP Challenge! (NSFW)


So here’s the story. The prompt is “Doing something hot.” I had suggestions for nsfw possibilities, and it was indicated that either oral or strap-ons would be appreciated!

I mulled it over. Tried to choose between my two loves. AND THEN IT HIT ME.

Click through to see day 30!

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August 23rd
5:55 PM CST

day 29, now with color!

August 22nd
11:39 PM CST

day 29 - doing something sweet

Group hugs for Naoto, the new surrogate member of the Tatsumi family <3 <3

I will probably come back to this later to add color!

August 21st
8:32 PM CST

day 28 - doing something ridiculous

they are LARPing

because they’re dinguses

special thanks to angerliz for the inspiration from their OTP tag!!! (“Elementary, my dear Kanji!”)

sorry i am feeling too wiped out to color it orz

August 17th
10:24 PM CST

day 27 - one of their birthdays

Happy Birthday Kanji! I stole the gift from Naoto’s Christmas Eve event, with adjustments accounting for Kanji’s taste of course :B  Naoto’s love for tinkering with gadgets is adorable as heck and I think Kanji would really encourage that interest!

Make a snide comment about Kanji’s awesome new watch and you’re dead meat, punk.