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Catastrophe Theory
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August 3rd
10:59 PM CST

DAY 15: different clothing style. I’M BACK ON THE HORSE.

I’m also tossing my OTPs in a blender at this point, apparently. I got a little starry-eyed thinking about Naoto and Scully interacting, Naoto would totally be all professional crush-ing on her!!! so perfect

Meanwhile Scully’s like “what the hell are all these high school students doing trying to get in on my investigation, seriously”

In conclusion, someone please write me an X-Files/Persona 4 crossover and you will own my soul forever.

July 31st
4:22 PM CST

day 14 ~PART ONE~ - genderswap!

I’m doing this in two parts because I really like drawing lady Mulders, like a lot a lot, and because I think the William storyline would have been a lot more interesting if it involved trans Scully wanting to be a dad oh man

July 29th
12:12 AM CST

day 11: wearing kigurumi….??????

this challenge is weird and i’m tired good night

July 28th
12:22 AM CST

day ten: with animal ears!

I… attempted to make them furrier than this but wow, did you know that drawing furry faces that aren’t HORRIFYING MONSTROSITIES is really difficult? mad respect, furry artists, mad respect.

July 26th
10:40 PM CST

day 9: hanging out with friends!

Guess what! I lost the larger size of this AND my copy of day 8 by misnaming this and then trying to fix the names only to render the files unopenable! GOOD JOB ME

at least it wasn’t something more polished because then I’d probably cry a lot ha ha

July 25th
5:14 PM CST

day 8: shopping!

the joke is that video rental stores still exist.

12:53 AM CST

Day 7: Cosplaying!

Agents Mabelton and Dippingsauce.

July 24th
1:08 AM CST

Day 6: wearing each others’ clothes!

Of course, we all know about the official photo of this same phenomenon, aka my FAVORITE official photo.

July 22nd
11:54 PM CST

Day 5: kissing!

Seriously, fuck bees.

July 21st
10:35 PM CST

Day 4: on a date. The mysterious case of the haunted Nationals game!!!!

I’m kind of having a sad today so I don’t have the energy to do much more than this. Sorry. :(

July 20th
10:36 PM CST

Day 3: watching a movie!

If they ever went to WalMart I’m sure they could find a copy in the $5 bin.

July 19th
7:38 PM CST

Day 2: cuddling somewhere! Somewhere cold, as it were.

Screwing around with coloring a little. If I’m going to do 30 days of this I might as well try something new!