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Catastrophe Theory
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pixels by polks
March 8th
5:02 PM CST

ALRIGHT FINE since i brought it up i guess i gotta post beej.png

3:09 PM CST

I’ve been trying to draw other stuff all day but I can’t get anything to come out right so I drew porn to loosen up??? woohoo

August 17th
11:43 PM CST

kiss kiss

March 10th
12:24 PM CST

well i haven’t been drawing as much as i’d like but i’ll tell you what i have been doing

January 9th
2:34 PM CST

lady matt and devin woo wooooo

January 4th
2:14 PM CST

Matt in bad 80s clothes and Devin in Steampunk looool

true story: a long while ago I actually had a sorta-steampunk AU (I know) where Devin was an inventor

da more u no

December 31st
2:04 PM CST


image dollteeth replied to your post: That does it for all the stuff people asked me,…

My question is CUDDLING.

Devin’s a cuddler. Matt’s not used to it, he’s all elbows and knees… but Devin’s really comfortable… and seems to cling to another body like most people would cling to a blanket.

I drew a FUCKTON of stuff with Matt and Devin during October, which was awesome because I was drawing original stuff all the time and I felt like people actually gave a shit, which is the best feeling in the world! I want to feel that confidence with my other characters too. Gonna try to make it happen.

November 23rd
3:05 PM CST


hope you had a good birthdaygiving, katers!!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHH bless you, June! thank you so much, this is adorable!! AHH GOLLY thank you so much <3 <3 <3

ahhh for me! look look at the art for me!!!!

Matt’s like “omg ur slobberin on me gross….. <3”

November 14th
3:15 PM CST

since we’re talking about bros boning

October 11th
12:43 PM CST

Devin never stops wanting to have a kid, though he has to recognize that he’s no longer financially secure enough to justify trying to raise a child. Also add to that the fact that Matt can’t really see himself as a parent (and doesn’t share Devin’s ability to handle really young children.)

Neither of Devin’s siblings are married/committed/have kids. It’s hard for Devin to face the fact that their family’s line pretty much ends with them.

Matt’s sister Melanie is engaged and plans to start a family, though, so maybe her future kid will have a doting uncle Devin? :>

October 9th
10:58 PM CST
6:35 PM CST

Oh, it’s TMI Tuesday I see!

Both of them are pretty vanilla. Devin’s really into the romantic aspect of a sexual relationship, even though it takes him and Matt a while to get there- soft music, candles, flowers, sweet nothings, the whole nine yards. He’s kind of a cheeseball.

Matt usually topped in his last relationship but he’s used to letting his partner set the pace, and this is especially true for Devin because their boundaries are totally unclear at first and he doesn’t want to scare him off with something he’s not ready for. Once they both get more comfortable with each other, though, I can see Devin being cautiously interested in receiving.