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July 17th
12:48 AM CST

Distracted by thoughts about Steph Rogers: the life.

I was looking at a post a made a while back where I was thinking about the different ways in which she would have her femininity questioned both before and after the serum… and then I got all caught up in thinking about all the IMPLICATIONS. How would she end up in the super solider program? Would Erskine’s insistence be enough to put a woman on active duty? Would Captain America’s image be more of a pinuppy one, where her musculature would be downplayed in favor of more sex appeal? Would they even call her Captain America, or would it be something like “Miss America”?

Most importantly, could we get Gwendoline Christie to play her?

July 6th
1:29 PM CST

I’ve owed bluestalkingstitches some birthday art for a while now and b requested some 63’d Hawkeyes (Clint and Kate) but… honestly, I had never heard of Kate before! But now I have and she seems pretty dang awesome!

So yeah her costume is probably totally inaccurate but I felt like I ought to get to know her a little before I go and 63 her.

February 1st
1:47 AM CST


I have no explanation for this other than HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!!!