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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
May 21st
10:38 PM CST

carnivore animal i am a cannibal

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April 2nd
8:07 PM CST

lilacafternoons replied to your post: hey what’s up I’m a sadsack which of these…

I’ve always wanted to know more about Marlene!!

She kills dudes for money. MISANDRY!!!!

January 16th
12:20 AM CST

Riss sent me some dresses from Ruche and I drew them on people! Kalli, Clara, Joo-eun, Marlene, and Jibril :D

November 7th
12:39 AM CST


July 10th
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May 20th
4:57 AM CST

Marlene doing what she does best

4:20 AM CST

Marlene and Louise.

I’m not sure if they ever actually interact but I wrote a handful of ficbits a while back that accidentally ended up comparing them and now I can’t stop thinking of them as foils of each other.

I still haven’t got a chance to use Louise properly, which sucks because I’ve gotten to really like her.

April 17th
1:37 AM CST

And the last half or so is dooone yaaaay

Again, questions about anyone are always welcommmee

March 5th
12:19 AM CST

MJ and Marlene!

MJ was recently renamed on account of her name made no sense and was kind of appropriative! Now it more accurately reflects her, hopefully. D:  But yes it is short for Mary Jane, and those names separately mean "bitter" and "gracious" lawl

And Marlene’s real name means "bright". No, I’m not telling. :3  But if you guess correctly, you win a prize.

That is probably the frilliest thing I’ll ever draw Marlene in.

November 21st
8:09 PM CST

Trying out the coloring style I do with portraits on pre-existing pencil art. It’s really hard for me to start full drawings digitally, but it was much easier to get started with my basic sketch already there to paint over. Might be using this more in the future. Hooray for actually finishing full pieces! Next time I’ll plan out the composition and stuff first, this was just kind of freedrawing during my lectures haha.

Unfortunately I’ll probably never get around to actually writing this story out, but I have been working on trying to iron out the crappy bits of plot recently. (I’ve had it floating around in my brain since I was about 12 so parts of it are bound to suck, lol)