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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
July 9th
1:41 AM CST

borntohustleroses replied to your post: i have no attention span and …

I just wanna see a nicely done biracial OC :)

Here’s a few of my OCs! :D

September 4th
1:44 PM CST

fuck my responsibilities, I have twins to doodle

January 12th
2:49 PM CST
December 4th
12:55 AM CST

I dunno I think three pairs of boy/girl twins might be too many

whoops guess I accidentally like twins???

July 8th
2:02 AM CST

whenever I work on character design shit I feel like a total hack ._.

anyway here are some sketches of people and shit I try to keep in mind with them or that went through my mind when designing them or whatever


my sketchbooks used to be 40% pictures and 60% wordswordswordswords

May 29th
10:54 PM CST

So I heard it was Fat Mermaid Art Week. :3

Here’s MJ and her brother Linds as merpeople!

Also, I updated my sketchblog yaaaay. (link is NSFW for naked merfolk, obviously, as well as consenting adults brandishing dildos)

April 17th
1:37 AM CST

And the last half or so is dooone yaaaay

Again, questions about anyone are always welcommmee

March 25th
6:35 PM CST

hello weirdest one of these I’ve done yet

Continuing the polyvore drawings, but breaking into sexswapped male characters… so uh yeah, these are lady versions of Mikhail and Linds. XD

I tell you what, though… I don’t think I’m going to change him, but I kind of really really like lady Linds… the butchest, augh my heart <3 (Here’s what he normally looks like, with his sister MJ. I had a lot of fun working with how their body types compare and contrast.)

Mikhail means “Who resembles God?”, which turns up nothing, so I just looked up “resembles”. Lindsay means “Lincoln’s marsh; island of linden trees”, which also turns up jack shit, so I searched “linden trees”.

March 18th
7:10 PM CST