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June 21st
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I was gonna just reply but then I ran out of room! Maybe just spend a lot of time consuming media and dissecting what you love about it? That usually gets me going. It can be really small stuff, too. For example, what exactly do you love about Please Save My Earth? What is it you wanted to reproduce but couldn’t? Is there another way of reproducing it that you haven’t considered yet?

I apologize in advance if I ramble, but I dunno how to explain what I mean other than by example.

For example, I love the idea of travel. Of wandering. Of meeting people on the way. (Don’t kill me, but that’s one of the lasting things I got out of Pokemon as a kid.) I love nature even if I’m not great at portraying it yet—that’s what I get out of pretty much every Miyazaki film, is how stunning the setting can be. There’s a spiritual catharsis in it, too, in being in a gorgeous setting alone or even with someone you don’t know well yet (that’s not any particular media, that’s just going outside when it’s thunderstorming in Florida I guess.) There’s something amazing about making a journey with a stranger, or going through some ordeal with someone you never met before, but that you can’t help but be friends with afterward. (Why I want to play Journey so badly.) So all these themes became really important for me to include in White Noise at some point.

A good exercise I like to do is take something I hate and find something I really like in it. I’m doing it right now with DBZ. Ahahaha c’:

Character themes are a little harder because all my characters except Helly are REALLY OLD, like yours, and have undergone a lot of revisions. Ffff. I’m going to spare you an essay on that because I probably need to think harder about that anyway. :Ia Uhhh maybe the examples will help some? Just to get thinking? Writing a story was a lot easier for me once I had all of these themes I wanted to have happen at some point, I dunno!

Aaah I’m really sorry for rambling. I’m always up for talking about this stuff, though. I used to RP a lot too and it’s awesome for bouncing ideas around so I kinda miss being able to…do that…

I think on a superficial level I was really into the reincarnation idea, which became a huge component of my fantasy story, but that part now is actually kind of the least important and I keep looking for ways to write it out and failing whoops

what actually appeals to me about Hiwatari’s work, now that I’ve had more time to think about it critically, is her ability to juggle twenty different characters and all their plot threads and make them COHERENT and the fact that she manipulates the reader’s perception of the characters so flawlessly. All the characters are really fleshy, and you really get a sense of the fact that every character perceives the other characters, including themselves, differently. A lot of this is played out in opposing point of views- you think you know what was going on in a scene, and then later on you get some insight into what was going on in a character’s head and it totally changes the entire tone and implications of that scene. And also that her characters ring very true because everyone thinks they’re doing what’s best but they’re also mixed up kids who make a lot of mistakes and jump to conclusions like real people do. MAN I AM PROBABLY NOT EXPLAINING THIS VERY WELL.

I like my characters to have an image they present and one that they don’t, either because they’re unaware of it or because they’re afraid of it or because they have something to lose if they do.

Actually I think that’s what I like about Persona 4 as well.

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well I always like bouncing ideas around!! I am going to sleep rn coz it’s butts o’clock but you have my aim if you ever wanna chat it up!

ty! good night and thanks to all of you for humoring my late night crises

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Eh, there are lots of ways to do stories that work for different people. Also, I guess you could do the opposite and draw other people’s characters in your universes? Or you could draw delicious pastries! I am excited about those

pastry gijinkas and the artists who love them, next time on my tumblr

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man idk, i don’t think any of your characters are childish!! they all seem really well rounded and thought out to me

aw thank you ;_; that means a lot coming from you. I think a lot of it is just that I’ve fixed a lot of what was really glaringly wrong with some of them but that’s left me with big spots of storyline that are obsolete now and I’m really stuck because I have trouble knowing where to tweak and where to just start over from scratch.

It makes me want to make up new people entirely, but I don’t really know… where to start because I’m just so, so drained, and I do have a lot of emotional attachment to the old guys so it’s not like I want to abandon them forever… ugh

The characters I feel most confident about are the ones I made up most recently (spifflicated!) but those came out of an RP where I could bounce ideas off people. and like a lot of what I actually did in the RP was shit hahaha but it helps to have other people to build off of and get re-energized by.

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Put your original characters in AUs? Your own or someone else’s. Also, what I like to do for inspiration is build a story around little cinematic moments which I feel would be particularly epic/fun/moving/erotic and are frequently cribbedfrom others


I have a lot of them

also I have this problem where I can think of the cinematic moments, maybe a handful of them, but I can’t seem to fill in the blanks

like at all ever

that’s never been something I’m good at. I’m just not a very good writer! weh

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i’ve been having a hard time focusing on anything lately too!! boo. maybe if you have a series or movies that inspired you to make your characters in the first place, do a rewatch?

yeah maybe some of this stems from the fact that so many of my characters are super old so I feel like there’s a lot about them that’s still really childish

like, I was inspired by old anime and stuff that I think holds up today, but I built off them in ways that missed the point and then I had to backtrack and fix everything to make it not


and also I had a lot of plotlines where the story was literally just “I’M QUEER, IT HARD. THAT’S IT THAT’S THE STORY” and that has a place but that’s not really the kind of story I want to tell anymore because it stopped being as interesting when I finished puberty lol

Please Save My Earth is probably my biggest influence for the fantasy shit (and I am overdue for a re-read on that) but what I love about it the most has never been something I’ve been able to reproduce and it’s just frustrating

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I’ve been pretty frazzled all around since… a couple months before the semester ended, and it hasn’t really died down at all! Which contributes to and is exacerbated by my mega creative block. I just feel really bored with all of my existing characters and I can’t tell if it’s because they’re all actually horrible or if it’s because they just need some tweaking or if it’s because I’m just burnt out anyway.

I don’t really know what to do about it. Usually when I get like this I try to get excited about something someone else created but even that’s been a big zero.

If anyone has any advice or just… I don’t know, wants to talk a little about something that excites you, I’d love to hear it!

Also just let me say that I really appreciate every one of you that follows me and likes and comments on my stuff. It means a lot that anyone gives a crap about my tiny little space on the internet. <3