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Catastrophe Theory
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pixels by polks
March 29th
1:37 PM CST

My final commission from my last batch has been completed! The brilliant hospitalvespers' Avery and Ian, the biggest freaking cuties ever. It was my privilege to draw them, thank you darling <3

January 23rd
8:08 PM CST

Commission #1 for my friend hospitalvespers! How excited was I to get a chance to draw two of my favorite characters?! DEER BOYS <3

January 8th
12:23 PM CST

hospitalvespers's Polly in this outfit!

felt like drawing some cute girls and felt like I’d been using my ladies as clothes hangers too much so I borrowed someone else’s! :B

October 18th
10:14 PM CST

barf barf barf barf barf barf barf

October 5th
5:32 PM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your photo: i’ve been re-reading a really terrible book series…

god i fucking LOVED THESE BOOKS and i always worry about whether it shows in my shit and whether that is good or bad. but yes. the best. and the worst.

for a really really long time, Sarah and Jamie were named Selenae and Rolan

guess why

July 5th
10:42 PM CST

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY TO HOSPITALVESPERS!! A good friend, a good artist, a good cat-haver.

June 28th
1:30 AM CST

a message from hospitalvespers

owen pallett obvs, also acoustic guitars?? like... laura marling and stuff

you guys are introducing me to all sorts of cool guitar people!

thank you thank you gosh

I will be very kind to all of you and not show you any of the many terrible owen pallett themed pieces I made for my AP studio art concept

June 21st
4:10 AM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your post: hospitalvespers replied to your post:…

well I always like bouncing ideas around!! I am going to sleep rn coz it’s butts o’clock but you have my aim if you ever wanna chat it up!

ty! good night and thanks to all of you for humoring my late night crises

3:50 AM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your post: hospitalvespers replied to your post: ART…

man idk, i don’t think any of your characters are childish!! they all seem really well rounded and thought out to me

aw thank you ;_; that means a lot coming from you. I think a lot of it is just that I’ve fixed a lot of what was really glaringly wrong with some of them but that’s left me with big spots of storyline that are obsolete now and I’m really stuck because I have trouble knowing where to tweak and where to just start over from scratch.

It makes me want to make up new people entirely, but I don’t really know… where to start because I’m just so, so drained, and I do have a lot of emotional attachment to the old guys so it’s not like I want to abandon them forever… ugh

The characters I feel most confident about are the ones I made up most recently (spifflicated!) but those came out of an RP where I could bounce ideas off people. and like a lot of what I actually did in the RP was shit hahaha but it helps to have other people to build off of and get re-energized by.

3:19 AM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your post: ART BLOCK

i’ve been having a hard time focusing on anything lately too!! boo. maybe if you have a series or movies that inspired you to make your characters in the first place, do a rewatch?

yeah maybe some of this stems from the fact that so many of my characters are super old so I feel like there’s a lot about them that’s still really childish

like, I was inspired by old anime and stuff that I think holds up today, but I built off them in ways that missed the point and then I had to backtrack and fix everything to make it not


and also I had a lot of plotlines where the story was literally just “I’M QUEER, IT HARD. THAT’S IT THAT’S THE STORY” and that has a place but that’s not really the kind of story I want to tell anymore because it stopped being as interesting when I finished puberty lol

Please Save My Earth is probably my biggest influence for the fantasy shit (and I am overdue for a re-read on that) but what I love about it the most has never been something I’ve been able to reproduce and it’s just frustrating

May 8th
3:29 PM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your post: WOW I am really sorry about that

how did you get it to stop?? half my dash is people affected by this )’: if i can let them know how to fix it i’d be grateful haha

I just stopped everything, changed my pass, and then deleted everything from the mass editor. I think I saw somewhere that deleting an individual post will make you reblog more stuff but I can’t confirm or deny that.

April 19th
1:17 AM CST


jibril for serenity-fails!