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pixels by polks
May 29th
10:30 AM CST

so um I drew this last year and it’s up on furaffinity, right?

well, I just got this comment:

Neat, freckle face cute horns, and an expression of fun loving innocence! Slightly goat-like her front teeth that smile, she unspoiled, willing to give of what she has as is to any man willing to gain a satyr infection of body, mind and soul, where does she call home? 

September 20th
3:37 PM CST

Colored it! Wanna see a process video? Sure ya do.

Look, there’s tits right there in the preview image! whoops totally didn’t do that on purpose :B

shit now everyone will know that I don’t actually know how to color shit properly and I’m just fucking around and hoping I don’t fuck it up too badly until it looks okay

September 18th
11:01 PM CST


I was gonna scan a bunch of stuff from my sketchbooks and this is the only thing I actually like enough to post :1

this is Tab… as a goat I guess idk sometimes I draw people with hooves I DON’T KNOW STOP JUDGING ME