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pixels by polks
August 18th
8:46 PM CST

Hey, I know there were some people here looking to try or get back into figure drawing and we were talking about online options— here’s one that’s been going around that seems like a good option. I tried out one of the videos for five minutes worth of 1 minute gestures and it seemed pretty cool! Better if you’re working on paper or with two screens, I imagine.

I’m so rustyyyy hahaha one minute used to seem like an eternity when I was really in shape!

September 24th
7:12 PM CST

stuck in a rut

~10 min gestures

January 25th
2:55 AM CST

decided to see if I can gesture okay on the computer using this thing. it’s kinda awkward¬†maneuvering¬†the windows but other than that (and the WEIRD POSES????) it was fine

seriously though what is that pose I love it