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August 18th
7:46 PM CST

Hey, I know there were some people here looking to try or get back into figure drawing and we were talking about online options— here’s one that’s been going around that seems like a good option. I tried out one of the videos for five minutes worth of 1 minute gestures and it seemed pretty cool! Better if you’re working on paper or with two screens, I imagine.

I’m so rustyyyy hahaha one minute used to seem like an eternity when I was really in shape!

September 24th
6:12 PM CST

stuck in a rut

~10 min gestures

April 24th
8:48 PM CST

cell phone pic of today’s life drawing

March 29th
4:38 PM CST

old dude

March 28th
2:16 AM CST

Life drawan

with the bottom half cut off because it wasn’t a very good picture overall but the head came out well

I know you’re all shocked that I pay more attention to heads than anything else in the universe but try to contain yourselves

February 29th
3:45 PM CST

Some stuff from this semester of life drawing. It’s a little different this time- I’m in the intermediate class, but it’s a mixed class with beginner life drawing as well, so we haven’t really done anything different from the whole class yet. Also my teacher has us using much smaller paper and working for much shorter periods of time than last semester. The longest pose we’ve done has been 40 minutes (the last photo is one such drawing). The rest have all been five-ten minutes, excluding gestures. Shrugs all around.

That skull kinda looks like he’s gonna wink atcha.

January 25th
1:55 AM CST

decided to see if I can gesture okay on the computer using this thing. it’s kinda awkward maneuvering the windows but other than that (and the WEIRD POSES????) it was fine

seriously though what is that pose I love it

December 12th
4:32 PM CST

watch out for naked mans!

Two from my life drawing class, with close-ups, since I finally cleaned out my portfolio.

November 19th
12:01 AM CST

a couple gestures and a longer piece with a closeup from class

Sorry the second one is so blurry D: I am bad at photos augh, but I really like that pose. I kinda want to use it for something else. I also really love that model, though, she’s one of our regulars. She’s really angular and has a lot of like… interesting… skin marks???? i dunno she’s cool and also an A+ model

October 27th
9:56 PM CST

Some stuff from my life drawing class :B

I don’t have any of the ones I turned in, though, which are unfortunately my best pieces! oh well. I like the first one the best which is kinda sad because it’s the oldest of these three pieces! that’s not good yeek. The last one is from today- we just started working additively after working subtractively for the last few weeks ahhh it sucks I love working subtractively cry cry

but the setup was pretty neato. I’m looking forward to the halloween setup next week, haha

shit the girl’s face is so squished in the second one why didn’t I notice that!!! I hate hindsight

April 29th
2:26 PM CST

Figure drawing workshop today!

I think I’m allowed to build up to one good drawing per sitting, and then after that it’s all downhill. :B  It was good to get back to it, though! I missed it so muuuch