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July 23rd
2:27 PM CST

Terror in Norway Gets More Terrifying




“Police believe the bombing and the shooting are related, which would suggest a coordinated terrorist attack. The Atlantic has a good run down of why peaceful, good-natured Norway could be a target for Islamist terrorists. (In fact three men with alleged ties to al-Qaeda were arrested in Norway and Germany for plotting terrorist attacks about a year ago.) In short, it could be retaliation for Norway’s role in occupying Afghanistan, or because some extremists are still possibly upset about that stupid Prophet Muhammad cartoon from 2006 (let it go, guys). Or they could be pissed off about Norway trying to deport an Kurdish Islamist leader, Mulla Krekar, back to Iraq.”

I’m so sick of hearing defenses of Islam.

1. These terror attacks were done by crazy people.

2. The people are crazy/have these crazy ideas BECAUSE OF ISLAM.

You can say that they are “fringe extremists” all you want, but you still won’t find extremist rationalists bombing shit.

The guy was a blonde hair, blue eye’d racist who also considered himself a conservative Christian, inform yourself, man.

You can consider yourself “extremist rationalist” all you want, but you’re still human and prone to making human mistakes (see: snap judgments/forming a conclusion without all the evidence).

Fellow Tumblr atheists: if you’re gonna critique religion, please do so carefully. THX!