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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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January 8th
11:23 AM CST

hospitalvespers's Polly in this outfit!

felt like drawing some cute girls and felt like I’d been using my ladies as clothes hangers too much so I borrowed someone else’s! :B

January 4th
5:30 PM CST

Bao in the worst outfit you can create from urban outfitters, and Jonas: flapper style

anon, you have very specific tastes and i respect that

January 3rd
6:27 PM CST

whoever asked for Addison in kodona has a really special sense of humor

5:44 PM CST

Jibril in pastel goth and Senna in soft grunge

I tell you what, I did a lot of googling and I’d still be hard pressed to explain exactly what the hell soft grunge is. Lazy coloring, still forcing myself to draw :111

January 2nd
12:01 PM CST

Style meme, Kalli in lolita and Senna in the 1920s

I still haven’t quite got the hang of coloring like this >:1

December 14th
9:38 PM CST

some quick polyvores for Mina, just messing around trying not to forget how to draw. got a cool project i need to get done soon woo woooo

November 24th
10:35 AM CST

all dressed up!

November 18th
8:42 PM CST

fabulous fashion friends!

October 23rd
1:31 PM CST

Did you know that trying to draw after not drawing for a few days makes drawing excruciatingly hard? IT’S TRUE!

Luciana and Chastity in these

September 8th
5:33 PM CST

I pretty much ran out of names to polyvore, so I did a random wikipedia article instead. :I

August 9th
5:19 PM CST

day 19- formalwear

I started this, like, three times, and I was planning one out with them in kimono but last night’s roundtable about Naoto’s gender on my other blog ended up with me wanting to do them GQ style! So, GQ it is.

Also it’s nice to have them looking somewhat comfortable for a change, haha.

May 18th
1:46 PM CST

Back to 63ing dudes to feed my polyvore fix :B

Devin and Matt are interesting to swap because they both have older sisters who already look a lot like them, so I have to think about which of their features are because of their sex and how they’d change/stay the same without making them look like total clones of their siblings. Devin in particular would carry his weight a little differently- he’s not in terrible shape, but he used to be in better shape and has gone soft around the edges. Sexswapped, he’d probably be (proportionately) heavier. Matt and his sister are both twiggy as all get-out, though.

Devin means “bard" and Matthew means "gift from god”.