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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
May 17th
8:41 PM CST
May 8th
5:25 PM CST

When I did Makoto I wished it was warm enough to wear her summer clothes, now it’s warm and Setsuna’s maxi skirt looks TOO HOT…

May 7th
8:25 PM CST
May 6th
2:15 PM CST

While I was drawing this I almost forgot Haruka is, somehow, supposed to be in high school. WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS, HARUKA.

Anyway, the set.

May 3rd
2:13 PM CST
May 2nd
10:44 AM CST

Rei! these have been pretty good warmups while I struggle with having no ideas, haha

May 1st
2:55 PM CST

this one really made me wish it were warmer outside here ;_;

April 29th
1:51 PM CST
12:12 PM CST
April 7th
5:51 PM CST

moooore polyvore! search term: Terpsichore

April 5th
6:57 PM CST
1:54 PM CST

more polyvore, search term: tarnish

eta: messed with this a little to try to fix the proportions