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Catastrophe Theory
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September 2nd
9:40 PM CST


August 28th
9:50 PM CST

This ask reminded me that it’s actually canonically possible for half of your party to have slept with each other in Origins. I hope at least one of you is going to be importing a Sexy Blight Funtimes Party save state into Inquisition.

8:17 PM CST

how about some post-archdemon ~drama~

August 27th
1:46 PM CST

post-game gals!

12:01 PM CST

I will ALWAYS be into Gargoyles. <3

12:43 AM CST

thank you!!

did he wake up tho?? CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!

this is very sloppy and I am very tired so I think I am calling it a night, thanks for all of your responses and I may get to more of them tomorrow :D

August 26th
11:32 PM CST


10:50 PM CST

YES thank you anon

12:15 PM CST

chiyoooo! ‘w’

11:22 AM CST

i’ve been watching gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

in related news: i’ve lost control of my life

August 20th
11:13 PM CST

I was thinking, “what if Hawke and Seriah met up, what would they do” but all I could come up with was pull-up contests

7:00 PM CST

here he is! with absolutely no useful insight hell yeah