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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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January 9th
1:38 PM CST

Lucci Esposito, aka hey Bao share some of that guilt complex with me because I’m a BAD PERSON

I love Lucci a whole lot and every time I draw her I curse the fact that I made her up when I was 15 and didn’t understand what fridging was or why it was bad. Now too much of the story centers on the fact that she’s dead for me to change it without…. completely changing everything. Agh.

Whatever in my stupid dreams she and Bao and Jonas have a magical OT3 in the afterlife. :B She and Jonas have a lot in common, but she’s got a lot more poise and social grace than he does… haha. 

3:59 AM CST

Bao and Lucciola’s daughter, Luciana <3

Luciana spent the first 9 years of her life in captivity, with Bao unfortunately unaware of her existence. Bao doesn’t really know what to make of her at first even though he’s fiercely protective, but he’s also shit with kids, so it’s pretty awkward. She and Jonas get along super well, probably because he’s a lot more friendly and approachable hahaha. She’s pretty jumpy and uneasy because of her ordeal, but she’s also very excited to see and experience all the bits of the real world that she missed out on. Being so starved for affection, she clings pretty hard to anyone who shows her some.

3:33 AM CST

Jonas Asher, who isn’t actually albino, but rather possesses the green glowy genetic mutation that has progressed to the point where it bleached his skin and hair of most of its pigment, and doctors who had no idea what the fuck erroneously decided he had some manner of albinism.

Jonas has an outrageously inappropriate crush on Bao which ultimately culminates in mutual love and ~domesticity~. Their relationship has caused me to lie awake at night and wonder WHAT MANNER OF MOSNTER I TRULY AM but really they care about each other a lot and it’s not mega creepy or anything I promise oh god please don’t look at me that way officer

Jonas is a little bit off-beat and has trouble connecting to people his own age. He’s inquisitive and sensitive and very stubborn, especially when it comes to being taken seriously. He has a very strong sense of identity and doesn’t like being told what he does and doesn’t know about himself because he’s young, basically.

3:01 AM CST

Bao Lai is the main dude in my scifi storyline, which I nicknamed “dodgy science” because my grasp of scientific concepts is tenuous at best. Bao can best be described by the fact that he is obnoxiously guilt-ridden. If you look up the term “guilt complex” in a dictionary, you will find not a picture of him, but rather the definition of “guilt complex”, which he has. He is a bodyguard-turned-fugitive-turned-secret agent convinced that he is responsible for his girlfriend’s death and determined not to allow her fate to befall another person.

His girlfriend, Lucciola, was a carrier of a genetic mutation that causes people to produce a highly reactive green chemical that is being very discreetly studied by scientists for its potential as a replacement for fossil fuels. Icky science experiments lead to icky science accidents lead to death and grievous injury, what else is new. 

His new gig is at a lab that is more in the business of studying the mutation in a way that is beneficial to the carriers. In his off time he sits on the beach at night and thinks about what a worthless loser he is. Oh and hangs out with an oddly independent albino(?) kid named Jonas ¯\(°_o)/¯

November 5th
4:58 PM CST

Riss is playing Shattered Memories right now- SH1 (and this game of course) always remind me of the little Silent Hill AU I made up for Bao because I’m a huge loser????? but the format kinda fits really well so yeah :I

September 25th
7:00 PM CST

Grown-up Luciana and her girlfriend Chastity~~~

(Luci dyes her hair lol)

4:50 PM CST


Jonas, Bao, and Luciana <3

September 13th
11:48 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Jamie and Blade, and Bao and Jonas, tell us about your guys' first times with each other. >:]

May 26th
7:57 PM CST

Edited with some help! Pretty sure I’m done yaaaay

May 16th
4:14 AM CST


May 15th
10:14 PM CST


So I guess I drew a couple of scenes!

I used to do little things like this all the time- blocking out scenes with sketches, never really committing to panels or anything, kinda making up dialogue as I went, but a couple of years ago I just kind of… stopped. And that was how I got a lot of plotting done, so my story-forming took a pretty dire hit.

So yeah, getting back to it felt good. Also I’m really fond of these guys. :)  Their names are Harrison and Janet, btw. Harrison is a clerk and Janet is a doctor of neuroscience.

April 17th
10:21 PM CST

Dodgy science height chart super duper rough sketch tiiiime

I call it dodgy science instead of science fiction because even science fiction oftentimes has some basis in reality :I