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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
May 25th
1:32 AM CST


I need to do another Brosca playthrough, Broscas are fuckin rad.

January 30th
7:12 PM CST

A commission of the lovely brosephine! Thanks so much, dear! <3

June 21st
3:52 AM CST

brosephine replied to your post: brosephine replied to your post: ART BLOCK Put…

Eh, there are lots of ways to do stories that work for different people. Also, I guess you could do the opposite and draw other people’s characters in your universes? Or you could draw delicious pastries! I am excited about those

pastry gijinkas and the artists who love them, next time on my tumblr

3:46 AM CST

brosephine replied to your post: ART BLOCK

Put your original characters in AUs? Your own or someone else’s. Also, what I like to do for inspiration is build a story around little cinematic moments which I feel would be particularly epic/fun/moving/erotic and are frequently cribbedfrom others


I have a lot of them

also I have this problem where I can think of the cinematic moments, maybe a handful of them, but I can’t seem to fill in the blanks

like at all ever

that’s never been something I’m good at. I’m just not a very good writer! weh

January 16th
12:37 AM CST

brosephine replied to your photo: Riss sent me some dresses from Ruche and I drew…

Beautiful clothes + plus sizes + cheap shipping to Canada = how did I not know about this store? Joo-eun looks especially nice, I love her boots.

I know right?! I just discovered it today. Brofisting was the one that pointed it out to me, she is a rad lady and everyone should check her out.

Thank you!

October 30th
10:10 PM CST

brosephine replied to your photo: me rn I’m in such a rut! I guess it kinda goes…

I’m not an artist, but maybe you could try experimenting with your style? Or do studies of artists you like? I think your work is incredible and very warm, but I know when you feel burnt out sometimes other people’s thoughts aren’t helpful. ^_^;;

Probably not a bad idea :)  Doing fanart and such is what I tend to do when I get frustrated with myself, because I see something in that work that I want to be able to accomplish myself… but even then I get frustrated because AUGH I’M NOT AS GOOD WHY I CAN’T I DO IT RIGHT

I’m just finding it hard to be positive :P

I’m also just finding it hard to work digitally right now which sucks cause it’s way convenient, and my scanner is out of commission so posting anything I’ve been doing in my sketchbook or for Illustration isn’t really an option. I did just yoink a bunch of nice paper, though, so maybe I’ll just say screw it and do something traditional. When I have time.

Which is never. T_T