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Catastrophe Theory
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August 29th
1:56 PM CST

You will NOT explain my gender identity using Avril Lavigne lyrics.

1:28 PM CST

reading BFF has made me nostalgic for my high school kids

July 9th
1:41 AM CST

borntohustleroses replied to your post: i have no attention span and …

I just wanna see a nicely done biracial OC :)

Here’s a few of my OCs! :D

November 4th
12:32 PM CST

lesbiaaans replied to your post: lesbiaaans replied to your photo: Tab! Blade’s ex…

though now i am curious about her relationship with blade because they really did not strike me as the sunshine and sparkles type… or… ARE THEY???

Blade’s actually pretty generally upbeat and friendly! Also they dated when they were 14 and Tab was decidedly less sparkles and more anarchy, though she’s always been kinda hyperactive and perky.

Both of them are into alternative fashion and J-rock; they went to school dances together dressed in coordinating EGL outfits!

October 30th
6:24 PM CST

oh hey sup folks i never ever draw anymore

September 11th
12:08 PM CST

What are you afraid of? (3/8)

June 8th
12:46 AM CST

tiny sketchbook opens with a series of doodles of my mages

May 2nd
10:20 PM CST

six years D:

April 27th
11:33 PM CST

watchin’ crap teen shows and trying desperately to work up the will to draw, have some teens

March 1st
12:48 AM CST

I could draw what I’m supposed to or I could draw canoodling


January 10th
12:41 AM CST

Back to modern stuff, here’s Blade, whose first name is actually Benjamin, but his middle name is actually Blade because his parents were nerds. He started going by Blade when he was around 11 or 12, around the same time he decided that he started ~rebelling~ against ~social standards~ and started to get interested in gothy fashion.

Blade is biracial (his late father was Lakota and his mother is white) and genderqueer (pronouns are generally he/his but he has no real preference) with an interest in alt fashion, jewelry making, and metalwork. Relatedly, he’s a mage in the fantasy storyline and can manipulate metal with ~magic~! In a past life he was a badass FAAB swordsmith who spent most of his life presenting male.

He was kind of angry and confrontational when he was younger but he’s started to mellow out in recent months and is generally easy-going. He’s very physically affectionate but not terribly good with words.

October 26th
9:55 PM CST

three guys and one nonbinary who generally presents as a guy (Blade)

Played around with the length of Aden’s hair a bit. Still mulling over whether to let Jamie keep the ponytail? At this point he’s still in kind of a “dorky teenager who doesn’t really know how to take care of his appearance but still cares about it” state so idk what to do there

Robert’s jaw is a touch squarer

Aden needs more tattoos but they’re all under his clothes haha /cheater