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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!

March 28th
7:32 PM CST

a message from antiquitylensescosplay

I've really wanted to try and submit to S2B2, but I'm really nervous. Any advice?


Don’t be scared! I promise we’re nice. We’ve had tons and tons and tons of people tell us that this is their first time writing anything, or first time writing something that they’re going to have other people see.

A thing about Shousetsu Bang*Bang is you have the option of publishing under a pseudonym. If you’re really nervous about it? Well, no one has to know it’s you. It’s a way of testing the waters instead of jumping in the deep end.

Our editorial process is very gentle. If you submit anything before the deadline, it’s even better, because then we (or really, mostly ladysisyphus, who does way more of the heavy lifting) have a good long while to give you feedback. And when it comes to feedback from editorial, it’s given with a general rule of ‘here is our feedback, and it’d be great if you made these changes, or want to talk to us about it more, but if you want us to run it as is, we will.’ With exceptions, of course, for things that just totally bust the guidelines, like, say, when we’ve gotten the few stories that don’t have any smut in them! I can’t think of a time we’ve ever outright rejected a story; at most we’ve had a few times when there were major red flags that we bounced the story back to the author for and then never heard anything back from them.

The main purpose of S2B2, I think, is to have a good time. I mean, this is all a volunteer-run, totally free endeavour. We’re just doing this because we like doing it. So you should write a story that YOU like writing! We’ve had things that are the silliest trashiest pulp to stuff that makes people cry. It doesn’t have to be perfect (though we’ll provide advice to give it polish!), it just has to be what you wanted to do.

Writing for Shousetsu Bang*Bang has been great for me personally, because having that deadline, that reason to crank out an original story at least once every two months, has meant I have gotten so much writing practice. And practice is everything! If you start submitting to S2B2 and keep it up, you will most likely become a better writer!

I hope this encourages you, and I hope we see you in our pages in the future. YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS!

Some good words for anyone thinking of submitting to Shousetsu Bang*Bang. And this goes for art, as well! Working with an author is super fun and good practice for people who want a low-pressure “client” experience. Every story illustration I’ve done for S2B2 has pushed my abilities and helped me learn in some way!

eta: there’s a typo in the original ask, so best to use the link in my response! sorry about that!

March 24th
4:44 PM CST


boop!, by serenity_winner

From special issue 9

YEAH! Here’s my piece!!! Marvel at my really awesome titling skills.

9:51 AM CST


Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Shousetsu Bang*Bang kept balance between original fiction, standalone art, sexy gay porn, and LiveJournal. But that all changed when LiveJournal attacked.

Only Shousetsu Bang*Bang mastered all four elements, and then some. Only it could bridge the ruthless gap between people who wanted their original work appreciated and people who wanted to appreciate it but didn’t know where to find it. But when the world needed it most, it … actually, it kept right on doing what it was doing, LiveJournal and all. So there’s that.

Ten years have passed, and many issues have come and gone. Nine years ago, your editors journeyed to find a yuri special to help fight against the tide of mediocrity, bringing many talented writers and artists to create some sexy lady lovin’, asking for nothing in return but some affection, some appreciation, and maybe some reblogs and retweets to help rally support for the cause.

Some people believe that Shousetsu Bang*Bang was never meant to survive, and that the free original online content is doomed.

But we haven’t lost hope. We, your editors, still believe that somehow, Shousetsu Bang*Bang will save the world.

January 22nd
9:31 PM CST

OH HEY hope you don’t mind me getting my weird alien porn all over this blog!!!!!!

This is my painfully late illustration for Makes Three, whitachi's delightful story for December's issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. Spoiler alert: there's aliens, and boning occurs, and the story may or may not be specifically targeted at me. (I finished it a little while ago, but it's finally been added to the story proper, so now I can post it here! woo!)

August 26th
11:31 AM CST

Here is my illustration for White People Kissing in the Rain [WORKING TITLE], which was hecka fun to draw and equally fun to read!!

11:30 AM CST

White People Kissing in the Rain [WORKING TITLE], by Domashita Romero


From volume 9, issue 44

Daniel paused a few steps away from the checkout counter and grimaced. God damn it, for how much of a burnout Eddie clearly was, he took an impressive assortment of shifts. This was what he got for not going to the “good” 7-Eleven. Daniel shook his head at himself and raised his eyes to heaven for strength so he could just get this over with.

He put his two six-packs of Sam Adams up on the counter and pulled out his wallet without making eye contact. He could still feel it, the slow, stoned pull of Eddie’s gaze as it went from the beer to his face. Just hearing him start to smile made him want to punch him in the face.

"Oh, hey, Harold!" Eddie said. "Where’s Kumar?"

Daniel gritted his teeth. “Fucking your mother,” he said, and Eddie just let out a laugh like a baked donkey.

9:58 AM CST


On the occasion of the release of our newest issue, On Writing, we thought it only thematically appropriate to share some of our best-loved reading-related quotations with you:

Outside of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, it’s too dark to read. -Groucho Marx

No entertainment is so cheap as Shousetsu Bang*Bang, nor any pleasure so lasting. -Mary Wortley Montagu

My best friend is the man who’ll get me an issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang I ain’t read. - Abraham Lincoln

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. -Henry David Thoreau

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house. -Henry Ward Beecher

No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The oldest issues of Shousetsu Bang*Bang are still only just out to those who have not read them. -Samuel Butler

My test of a good issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is dreading to begin the last story. -Thomas Helm

If there’s a Shousetsu Bang*Bang story you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. -Toni Morrison

If you can read this, thank the contributors. -Your Editors

July 30th
9:59 AM CST


And now, for something completely different!

Welcome to our very first Yes, And issue, the special where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right, the points are as useful as tits on a man! …Actually, those could be pretty dang useful. Maybe sometimes even preferable to the alternative! Okay, scratch that simile. New choice!

What we’ve collected for you here defies categorization — the one thing all these stories and art have in common is that they wouldn’t quite fit the bill of any of our more regular issues. (like a western!) So we’ve rounded them little doggies up and corralled ‘em into one brand-spankin’-new high-falutin’ pen just for you city slickers. (like an infomercial!) But wait, there’s more! If you act right now, we’ll throw in gorgeous art! That’s right: six stories, twelve illustrations, two standalone art pieces, and a fabulous cover, all for the low, low price of absolutely free! (like a PSA!) So you may think you’re too cool to read this issue. But you’re not. Reading issues and leaving comments save lives. Every year! So don’t let peer pressure scare you away from what you know is right. It’s not just the ‘cool’ choice. It’s the smart one. And it’s the only one that’ll tell you—

Live from the internet, it’s Shousetsu Bang*Bang!

And here’s my cover! I am at my parents’ for a few weeks and haven’t gotten a chance to read everything yet, but you should absolutely do so and give the authors and artists your love and support!

9:49 AM CST

Now It Can Be Told



From Yes, And Special 01

The three broken ribs and the black eye she could live with; what really had Ginger upset was how they’d taken her lipstick. She had a little split at the corner of her lip that she couldn’t stop herself from poking with her teeth and tongue; without her face on, she had nothing to keep her from bothering at it. Just another indignity on top of all the others today. Getting thrown down the stairs by a Turkish opium dealer had really been the highlight of the day.

She heard some noise outside of her hospital room and pulled the thin, scratchy blanket up over as much of her as she could. She had had enough of doctors for the day, thank you very much. The sound she heard coming through the door didn’t sound like any of the doctors who’d been poking and prodding and interrogating her; it sounded like a very familiar little hurricane. 

"I know for a fact that Miss Snapps was admitted to this hospital and you are going to show me to her room before I buy this whole ward and turn it into a bowling alley," she heard, and closed her eyes as she both smiled and felt a little bit of tears prick at her eyes. “And I don’t even like bowling!” The doctor’s voice was lower and softer, and Ginger couldn’t quite make out what he said, but she sure heard the response. “I didn’t get hit on the head hard enough not to know who my own secretary is. Ginger! Virginia Eudora Snapps, six feet tall, redhead, killer blue eyes, can punch a Frenchman through a church door, and makes a hell of a Manhattan. She came into this hospital with me and you’re going to tell me where you’ve put her.”

Hey everybody! Here’s my story for the new Shousetsu Bang*Bang “Yes, And” special! I’ll sum it up like this: do you want to read a story that’s more or less Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, only no one is a superhero, it’s in the 1930s, and both of them are transgender? Well, you’re in luck! That’s what I wrote!

psssst there’s a couple of old pictures and one brand new totally nsfw one from me in here too!

It’s a really sweet, adorable story! With bonus crossdressing! Check it out!

June 3rd
8:14 PM CST

Signups for Bang*Bang 'Yes, And' Special Issue #1



Signups are now open for the July 29 issue; the text deadline for the issue is Tuesday, July 23, and the art deadline is Saturday, July 27. Please comment here if you plan to submit a story or artwork for this issue. As always, you don’t have to sign up to participate, and you’re not creating an unbreakable contract by signing up, but throwing your name into the hat is always a good way to get that creative impulse going! 

This is the very first of a new kind of special issue, which we’ve decided to refer to with the improv-inspired open-ended phrase Yes, And. The short explanation is that this will be a text-focused issue intended to make space for stories that include elements that would otherwise make said stories not fit so easily into either our standard m/m or our special f/f issues. The longer explanation is at the post itself.

Because of the incredible confluence of factors and deadlines here, there are, in fact, three signups open right now: this one, June’s Heroes and Villains issue, and September’s Artist Special. So there’s a lot going on, but we’re excited about it all!

You asked for it, you got it! (Now you gotta sign up for it!)

I’m doing the cover!!!! WOW SO EXCITED. Everyone should submit stuff!!!

March 28th
4:07 PM CST



We have posed this question on Twitter and now we are posing it here on Tumblr! Gauging interest in this sort of endeavor! Please let us know what you think! Reblog or respond or hit up the ol’ Ask Box!

Obviously I’m incredibly interested in doing this, since I made this post, but I want to know! I want to know if other people are DOWN.

Hey! I sometimes illustrate for this zine and I WANT TO ILLUSTRATE THIS ISSUE SO MUCH and you guys should all check it out and see if maybe you want to participate??? because it’d be so fun and awesome

thank you

also now’s a good time to check out their yearly f/f issue!!!

January 14th
11:51 AM CST

Signup for for Bang*Bang Special Issue #8


Signups are now open for the March 25 issue; the text deadline for the issue is Tuesday, March 19, and the art deadline is Saturday, March 23. Please comment here if you plan to submit a story or artwork for this issue. Artists should specify whether you’re submitting a standalone piece, offering to illustrate a story, or doing both. Artists offering to illustrate should provide either links to or thumbnails of past works as examples of style; writers wishing to collaborate with artists (or artists wishing to collaborate with writers) should respond directly to comments to this post. As always, you don’t have to sign up to participate, and you’re not creating an unbreakable contract by signing up, but throwing your name into the hat is always a good way to get that creative impulse going! Signups for the beta reader pool will be in an upcoming post.

This is the first special of the year, where we trade boys for girls and let the lesbians run free! The theme this time is Tea for Two: How do you ladies take your tea? Hot? Sweet? Spiked?


Signups are of course still open for the February’s Hookers and Blackjack issue — this is the part of the year where we’ve got a little overlap, and we know it’s a bit of a crunch, but contributors are welcome to take part in either or both issues!




Everyone should sign up because the lady issues never get as much attention and I know y’all are some lady-loving folks. LET’S ALL HAVE FUN WITH LESBIANS.