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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
February 3rd
9:58 PM CST
4:42 PM CST

remade an old pic I wasn’t too fond of anymore. It’s in Uprising, and it’s been getting reblogged again recently and it makes me criiiinge. It was also drawn before Riss started writing and it was never really meant to be an actual illustration, so I tried to make it a little more presentable and match the content of the story more.

January 22nd
10:31 PM CST

OH HEY hope you don’t mind me getting my weird alien porn all over this blog!!!!!!

This is my painfully late illustration for Makes Three, whitachi's delightful story for December's issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. Spoiler alert: there's aliens, and boning occurs, and the story may or may not be specifically targeted at me. (I finished it a little while ago, but it's finally been added to the story proper, so now I can post it here! woo!)

December 23rd
12:17 AM CST

[secretly posts this in the dead of night] hi I painted this Lisa Frank mermaid for my mom

August 26th
12:31 PM CST

Here is my illustration for White People Kissing in the Rain [WORKING TITLE], which was hecka fun to draw and equally fun to read!!

June 29th
8:26 PM CST

I have been informed that they’ve seen the picture now, so I feel okay posting this! HEY I’VE BEEN ON A ROAD TRIP ALL WEEK for the wedding of my dear friends Alex and Scott <3 <3 And my gift to them was a framed print of this picture of them!

To all the lovely people I met at the wedding: HELLO, NEW FRIENDS!

February 18th
8:31 AM CST

here’s something I’ve been working on for school

falls over


December 10th
2:15 PM CST

last thing for illustration this semester

this entire semester has been dissatisfaction central and i’m literally incapable of telling if this is okay or not? and if i try to care more i’ll probably keel over and die like i did last semester so whatever, we’re rolling with it

December 7th
5:07 PM CST

I guess it’s Tom Waits’s birthday? COOL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM WAITS

last year I illustrated Sid Stills’ Blues (Three-Quarters in the Bag in Alphabet City), which is by my good friend W2 and is definitely not about Tom Waits! You should read  it!

November 7th
1:01 PM CST

Frank Ocean // Pyramids

October 31st
9:33 PM CST

This is just the sketch, but my next illustration project is based on Frank Ocean’s Pyramids.

September 29th
10:52 AM CST

Dorian Gray painting~