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January 28th
9:06 AM CST

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January 22nd
7:37 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

This is the mysterious Claranon, after disappearing for ages, I have returned to ask you about JERRY COCKBURN. Addison and Devin seemed to get a lot of development here, especially Devin, but Jerry was just kind of THERE the entire time, all we know is that he's the eldest and appears to have a braid. Not knowing this is clearly going to ruin my entire life, so I must ask for details! I have faith that you'll make it amazing. ~{*-*}~

Aw, goodness! Well to be honest Jerry just kind of stands around a lot because I haven’t developed him anywhere near as much as Addison and Devin, which is terrible of me, I know. Some things I do know about Jerry:

His full first name is Jeremiah, he manages an auto shop, and he is the primary executor of his parents estates. After their father died, he helped his mom out with a lot of the work and ended up staying home most of his life to live with her, until she died, leaving him to live in the house alone.

He’s got some of Addison’s grumpy antisocial tendencies but with none of her ambition; he’s kinda lonely and tired, but he never wanted anything grand out of life the way she did. He and Addison bumped heads a lot when she was younger because he disagreed with her choice to enlist both morally and for the sake of their mother, who couldn’t stand the thought of losing her to war like their father.

I love your questions, they are always so good! I’m going to have to dedicate a little more time to Jerry in the future. And pardon me for not writing more, I’m running out of the house now— I’ll be back later to think about this more!

January 15th
11:36 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Since it's hard not to notice how you tend to go for such different figures and faces (so much love for that) and there's not much of that in anime, I had to mention this: Are you familiar with the late, great Satoshi Kon? Though his works aren't for everyone, they're definitely worth checking out and even background characters are given a unique shape and face. Special mention goes to Paprika's Dr. Tokita, perhaps the largest non-gonk-non-villain I've ever seen in anime. Definitely a rarity.

anon I FUCKING LOVE SATOSHI KON he was a really brilliant director and his work is inspiring as hell and the world is a worse place for the loss of him

January 13th
10:14 PM CST

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/post/15877391809 have you seen strawberry panic?

I think I watched an episode of it once, a long time ago? It’s a little too moe for my blood.

8:57 AM CST

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Do you have a preferred set of pronouns?

Thanks for asking! I don’t mind about pronouns so much, personally, but I am partial to singular they.

January 1st
5:50 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Maybe this is stupid, but you may like to know that I had two conversations this week about how cool you are and how nice your art is. Have a happy new year and keep doing what you do.

Well that just makes me really fantastically happy, so thank you. Happy new year to you too, anon! <3

December 24th
11:35 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Would you ever consider drawing a fem!Thorin? Your genderbends are the best. Also I hope you are having a good holiday.

Oh, thank you, that’s so sweet! I hope your holiday is going well too <3

I’m ALL ON BOARD for lady Thorin. (Be still my heart!!!) I got some family stuff going on and another project I’m working on, but you can definitely expect more dwarves in the near future!

December 19th
8:05 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

yr porn is some pretty good porn like dang that's some great lighting on that really hot porn

Thank you!! I figured while I was pornin I might as well practice some coloring/lighting, I don’t do that enough… short attention span 9_6

6:38 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Every time I see NSFW from you it's always a pleasant surprise. Anyone can draw porn, but you draw porn with emotion.

gosh thank you ;v; I’m so glad! half of what I like about porn is the emotional content, I really like to empathize with the people when I look at it.

December 13th
11:33 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

I found you because of your Inner Senshi pic. I now check here every day for art from you of YOUR chars, because I browsed through and saw how awesome and cute they are and I love their designs and personalities and fashion fashion fashion JIBRILANDMJFASHION! So thanks for drawing my fave fandom cuz it led me to you and let me find your other rad stuff! (PS: I'm the anon you drew a plus size Misty at ahaha)

GOSH thank you!! I like drawing fanart, but my characters are way important to me and knowing that people enjoy them makes me so super happy. <3

December 6th
10:48 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

(Claranon) To before; I haven't been here long actually, but whenever I find I tumblr I like I have to flip through each page like a stalker. On that not-creepy note, three things: What does Clara's brother/Shad's dad look like? What was Charles' life like before meeting Isaac? Somewhere back there, I saw a magical girl Charles. Will you make all Bradley's magical girls as well? (Even Shad and misogynist Rex, and maybe Graham. This is gonna be fuuun~) I will love you forever. Please?

you’re beautiful

I will definitely try to do some of these soon!

December 4th
7:22 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

(This is the Clara-anon) Thank you! I'm surprised more people don't like her. I started when I saw something way back where you said she started off as a wicked witch type, coming in and judging everyone then started to like her once you expanded on why. Honestly, I always respect a creator (of anything) more when they can show their less than agreeable characters as people with reasons to feel how they do, not just being that way because they can or the story requires it. Clara needs more love.

(Clara-anon, who wanted to add one more thing) I also have a weakness for really strict and proper ladies and period works, and saw that she was from the early 1900s. I have a weakness for ladies in period clothes as well, I couldn’t possibly resist her. Clara baby, cmere, let me hug you.

Oh gosh, you must have been here for a while! Thank you, seriously.

I’ll just continue to explain Clara’s origin and setting, if that’s okay with everyone…? Me and my friends had a 1920s-era roleplay going for a while called Spifflicated!¬†Rex was pretty much my main and the first character I made up for the game, Clara got thrown in later to stir up some drama. Initially I just made her to be your typical judgmental¬†older woman with victorian values and left it at that, but I didn’t want her to just be this one-dimensional villain. Thinking about why she had the prejudices she did, and why she might be so bitter and angry towards her own son made me feel so sorry for her that she ended up one of my favorites… She was in a really vulnerable place when she met Isaac, and as much as it was a marriage of convenience, she actually had hopes that he would be a good husband to her since he seemed so nice and charming. But when she realized how and why he got roped into the engagement her heart sank, and it only got worse after Rex was born. Isaac was rarely there to help her raise him, and as Rex grew up he seemed to reject her company in favor of his father’s as well. With Isaac dead and no one to release her frustration on, she ends up blaming Charles for stealing her family away.

(As an aside, I also have a modern AU I play with where Isaac and Clara married during the 1960s, making Rex an adult during the 90s, which is why you might sometimes see me draw them in different clothes and stuff.)