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Catastrophe Theory
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September 14th
10:39 PM CST

DAY 30 of the OTP Challenge! (NSFW)


So here’s the story. The prompt is “Doing something hot.” I had suggestions for nsfw possibilities, and it was indicated that either oral or strap-ons would be appreciated!

I mulled it over. Tried to choose between my two loves. AND THEN IT HIT ME.

Click through to see day 30!

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August 23rd
5:55 PM CST

day 29, now with color!

August 22nd
11:39 PM CST

day 29 - doing something sweet

Group hugs for Naoto, the new surrogate member of the Tatsumi family <3 <3

I will probably come back to this later to add color!

August 21st
8:32 PM CST

day 28 - doing something ridiculous

they are LARPing

because they’re dinguses

special thanks to angerliz for the inspiration from their OTP tag!!! (“Elementary, my dear Kanji!”)

sorry i am feeling too wiped out to color it orz

August 17th
10:24 PM CST

day 27 - one of their birthdays

Happy Birthday Kanji! I stole the gift from Naoto’s Christmas Eve event, with adjustments accounting for Kanji’s taste of course :B  Naoto’s love for tinkering with gadgets is adorable as heck and I think Kanji would really encourage that interest!

Make a snide comment about Kanji’s awesome new watch and you’re dead meat, punk.

12:10 AM CST

day 26 - getting married

This one was really hard!! Not necessarily the drawing part so much as the figuring out what the heck they should look like older and getting married to each other because that was really really hard for me to picture, hahaha….

I hope my hair decisions are suitable aaa…. I’m not the biggest fan of Kanji’s P4G makeover, but I’d always figured he’d stop bleaching it eventually anyway.

August 15th
2:50 PM CST

day 25 - ~gazing into each other’s eyes~

not pictured: the infinite number of “ooh naoto-kun” images with shoujo sparkles I considered drawing

August 14th
12:52 PM CST

day 24- making up

Ah, the old Shirogane overly-formal, stilted apology.

12:10 AM CST

day 23- having an argument

Sorry this is kinda messy! Struggling to draw basic stuff today, you know how it goes. >:1

I’ve got some theories on what they could be fighting about (there’s plenty!) but I decided I’d leave that up to y’all.

August 13th
2:49 PM CST

I colored day 20!

August 12th
10:38 PM CST

Day 22: In battle, side-by-side.

August 11th
9:59 PM CST

day 21- cooking!

The crepes turned out rather well, and Naoto decided that perhaps it was all right to bend the rules on occasion.