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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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June 21st
2:50 AM CST

hospitalvespers replied to your post: hospitalvespers replied to your post: ART…

man idk, i don’t think any of your characters are childish!! they all seem really well rounded and thought out to me

aw thank you ;_; that means a lot coming from you. I think a lot of it is just that I’ve fixed a lot of what was really glaringly wrong with some of them but that’s left me with big spots of storyline that are obsolete now and I’m really stuck because I have trouble knowing where to tweak and where to just start over from scratch.

It makes me want to make up new people entirely, but I don’t really know… where to start because I’m just so, so drained, and I do have a lot of emotional attachment to the old guys so it’s not like I want to abandon them forever… ugh

The characters I feel most confident about are the ones I made up most recently (spifflicated!) but those came out of an RP where I could bounce ideas off people. and like a lot of what I actually did in the RP was shit hahaha but it helps to have other people to build off of and get re-energized by.

  1. hospitalvespers said: well I always like bouncing ideas around!! I am going to sleep rn coz it’s butts o’clock but you have my aim if you ever wanna chat it up!
  2. brosephine said: If you ever want idea bouncing, btw, I am there
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