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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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June 21st
3:46 AM CST

brosephine replied to your post: ART BLOCK

Put your original characters in AUs? Your own or someone else’s. Also, what I like to do for inspiration is build a story around little cinematic moments which I feel would be particularly epic/fun/moving/erotic and are frequently cribbedfrom others


I have a lot of them

also I have this problem where I can think of the cinematic moments, maybe a handful of them, but I can’t seem to fill in the blanks

like at all ever

that’s never been something I’m good at. I’m just not a very good writer! weh

  1. brosephine said: Eh, there are lots of ways to do stories that work for different people. Also, I guess you could do the opposite and draw other people’s characters in your universes? Or you could draw delicious pastries! I am excited about those
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