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June 21st
3:06 AM CST


I’ve been pretty frazzled all around since… a couple months before the semester ended, and it hasn’t really died down at all! Which contributes to and is exacerbated by my mega creative block. I just feel really bored with all of my existing characters and I can’t tell if it’s because they’re all actually horrible or if it’s because they just need some tweaking or if it’s because I’m just burnt out anyway.

I don’t really know what to do about it. Usually when I get like this I try to get excited about something someone else created but even that’s been a big zero.

If anyone has any advice or just… I don’t know, wants to talk a little about something that excites you, I’d love to hear it!

Also just let me say that I really appreciate every one of you that follows me and likes and comments on my stuff. It means a lot that anyone gives a crap about my tiny little space on the internet. <3

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    I think I understand, it’s like the realness of the character interaction that you like? You like people acting like...
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    I think on a superficial level I was really into the reincarnation idea, which became a huge component of my fantasy...
  3. brosephine said: Put your original characters in AUs? Your own or someone else’s. Also, what I like to do for inspiration is build a story around little cinematic moments which I feel would be particularly epic/fun/moving/erotic and are frequently cribbedfrom others
  4. hospitalvespers said: i’ve been having a hard time focusing on anything lately too!! boo. maybe if you have a series or movies that inspired you to make your characters in the first place, do a rewatch?