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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!

April 7th
4:51 PM CST

moooore polyvore! search term: Terpsichore

2:06 PM CST


12:22 AM CST

electricshoebox said this while we were watching the episode and I just about fell off the damn couch laughing

April 5th
6:07 PM CST
i missed your ocs a lot gosh

thank you ;_; I did too.

6:01 PM CST

fairymascot replied to your post: Hey, I messed with the pic I just did …

IM REALLY SORRY IF I MADE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT IT IT REALLY WASNT MY INTENTION AAA…. i never meant to say it didn’t look good, just that it looked a bit different from the way you’ve drawn her before! /)__(

ohhhh man don’t feel bad! seriously, if something looks off to someone I’d rather know about it! Your pointing out that something looked different about her made me look at it more closely to figure out what was going on, so I appreciate it! Even if my solution wasn’t perfect, it’s something I’ve got to train my eye to catch, you know?

5:57 PM CST
3:47 PM CST

Hey, I messed with the pic I just did to try to make the proportions less wonk.

1:20 PM CST
that happens! i was just wondering haha uvu

I think I ended up drawing the lower half with bigger proportions that the top half of the drawing which is throwing shit off??

1:08 PM CST
fairymascot replied to your photo: “more polyvore, search term: tarnish”:
did you change up her bodytype a bit? o: she looks different!

not intentionally? but it’s been a while since I drew her so she’s probably off-model 9_6

12:54 PM CST

more polyvore, search term: tarnish

eta: messed with this a little to try to fix the proportions

April 4th
8:11 PM CST

trying to keep my hands moving + get back in the groove 9_6

asked people to send me random words to search for polyvore sets. pictured: whelk, and kumquat

April 3rd
8:16 PM CST