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Hey! I'm Katie and I have an elf problem.
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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
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pixels by polks
September 8th
8:26 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

hey, you okay?

Ehhhh….. no worse than usual? Haha.

Nah, I’m okay anon. Sorry I haven’t been drawing much. Keeping my momentum going is difficult in a lot of ways recently! And I need to kick my own ass about it.

Thanks for asking. :)

September 3rd
1:08 PM CST

would you like a cup of porn

OKAY WELL after everyone got all “WHERE’S THE NATE/VEL” on me yesterday I went right back to my old habits so uhhh

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September 2nd
9:51 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

are you starting to finish your kiss requests? :D

Yeah I figure I’ll just slowly poke away at ‘em when I’m not working on other stuff!

9:40 PM CST


5:18 PM CST
*Nate/Velanna fans rejoice* *……all 10 of us?*

OUR NUMBERS ARE GROWING… like a katamari made of tsundere.

4:23 PM CST
N-nate and Velanna, though… *lower lip trembles*

It’s okay bb, they’ll always be #1 in my heart.

3:24 PM CST
I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOUR VERSATILITY and look forward to seeing it done n3n

once I play DA:I, I’ll probably end up making comics about a BALD elf

no hair in sight

what the hell am I gonna do

3:21 PM CST

I graduated from making comics about a blond elf and a hairy dude to making comics about a blond elf and a hairy dude

3:19 PM CST
what?? where is angry elf girl and whipped hairy man??? i am confused


I now ALSO make angsty sex comics about elf assassinos and the hairy dwarves who love them, apparently

3:04 PM CST
Your Brosca is so cute!

ahhh thank you! he’s such a doofy kid and I need to draw him more often.

2:55 PM CST

so I might have gotten an idea for a Zevran/Brosca comic outta nowhere


August 29th
3:03 PM CST

polks replied to your post: I realized I draw Tab at a lot of diff…

she’s so cute

thesylverlining replied to your photo:
what a CUTE

aaah thank youuu! she’s like one of my faves to draw.