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Hey! I'm Katie and I have an elf problem.
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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!


pixels by polks
July 22nd
9:01 AM CST

a message from linnthehuman

HEY I just went through your Fox and the Crow tag and it looks really neat! Interested to see more. c:

Thank you! When I’m not a braindead mass of rotten potatoes I’d love to get back to working on that.

July 21st
7:54 PM CST


Point of View, by serenity_winner

Here’s my piece for the new issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang! Check it out, read cool stories, give the contributors some love :D

9:56 AM CST


Red everything already? Looking for something new?
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Yellow ‘bout things you like to their creators. Comments are always appreciated!
Green-backs are not necessary; everything is, as always, free.
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Indigo … doesn’t really sound like anything. You know what, skip this line. Just go read the issue.
Violet-ly sincerely, your editors.

For more information, check out this issue’s page on the SSBB WikiThis issue will be mirrored at shouetsubangbang.com on Wednesday.

July 19th
2:44 PM CST
iamthespacecadet replied to your post:

YEAH, I’M WELL AWARE. That’s okay. I can take it.

2:40 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

hi, i was recently looking through your blog and saw that you don't really care for ander's character, and was wondering if you could elaborate? im pretty much just curious, as i've been doing a new play-through of the series and found myself disinterested in characters i used to enjoy

Eeeeeyyyikes, hahaha.

Well, I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I hate the guy. But I make an effort not to talk about it much on this blog? I just draw what I like and let my drawings speak for themselves.

If you’re really wanting to have a conversation, you can always hit me up at my personal blog where I’m less iffy about bothering people who don’t care to hear it— stars-collected

And if you don’t care for me to get more in depth, I’ll just summarize. I think he’s a hypocrite.

#anders critical

July 17th
3:13 PM CST


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July 16th
9:48 PM CST
i wanna take a bite outta that cake

finally, we can eat Iron Bull’s entire ass

9:45 PM CST
hawkwardly replied to your post:
he understands our priorities

I wanna bake him a cake.

9:41 PM CST

John Epler is a goddamn hero and we should never forget that.

9:39 PM CST


also has anybody seen John’s twitter


prepare an intervention



Every moment that this is a reality makes me feel that the world is beautiful and life is worthwhile.

8:57 PM CST

rude girlfriend

July 15th
5:32 PM CST

a message from lotolle

*hugs your face*