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Catastrophe Theory
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September 20th
12:10 PM CST

don’t lose your wings til you learn how to sing yourself to sleep

11:33 AM CST

i heard the mermaids singing once when i was very small

September 19th
9:11 PM CST

a message from Anonymous

Hey Katie, We wondered what you'd think about us using your image in the body type tutorial you wrote for a blog post about body image we wrote and crediting/linking to you. Please let us know what questions you have. We write a positive lifestyle blog and we understand if it's not cool with you, but it's always worth a shot! Thanks! Shannon and Brittan

Hi! Would you mind contacting me off anon with more information?

September 17th
4:07 PM CST
flockofflamingos replied to your photo: “so Last Flight was a book”:
a… good book??? :o

It had its good points and its bad points— it feels a bit inconsequential to the plot of the games, so if that’s what gets your interest up about reading the novels I’d stick to reading Masked Empire, but it also set up some possibilities for the games down the line and fleshed out a little bit of ancient Thedosian lore which will probably stimulate some interesting discussions. Especially about the role of the Grey Wardens and the nature of blood magic. There were some lore fuckups I had quibbles with cause I’m a nerd, though.

The characters weren’t bad by any means, but I found myself a little bored by them because the story seemed very condensed and disjointed— part of that is the format, since it’s split between two time periods and covers almost the entirety of the 4th Blight and beyond, but I felt like the author spent a lot of time telling me things were important to characters and telling me that they had relationships with each other without ever demonstrating it.

Also interesting to note that there’s a possibly genderfluid character whose pronouns are switched up in the narration depending on their presentation, which varies from day to day. They’re sort of a theatrical drag star type of character. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it? But it’s definitely an interesting thing to include. Another sign of Bioware testing the waters re: trans representation, I guess.

2:58 PM CST

so Last Flight was

a book

September 16th
11:21 AM CST

a message from waifu

YOO how was your visit to your moms?

It was really nice!! We went out to dinner in Charlottesville and it was fucking terrible! (Don’t go to Bang!)

Then we went to see a concert and the opening act was EVEN MORE TERRIBLE! (Don’t listen to Blake Hunter!)

But then Carbon Leaf came on and they were really fun and good and I had a great time and that made up for it!! (But their light show gave us a headache! DON’T STARE DIRECTLY INTO A STAGE LIGHT!)

I also saw my mom’s new house and it’s really really nice ;u; it’s like out in the middle of goddamn nowhere farmtown on a one-lane gravel road, so… that’ll be interesting hahaha. But it’s suuuch a nice piece of property and perfect for them, with all sorts of woods and creeks and a frickin barn and lots of good land for my mom to start a huge garden on.

I’m so happy for them, they’ve been trying to find a good place and this house they found is amazing. I saw the pictures a while ago and I thought they looked WEIRD AS FUCK but she kept insisting I had to see it irl and she was right. The women who lived there are a couple, both nurses like my mom, and one of them is really into woodworking and actually built most of the house herself with wood and stones from the property, so it’s unique and was clearly made with a lot of love, and I think they must have trusted my mom enough to sell her this house cause it’s clearly their baby. It has a really good vibe and it’s a perfect fit for my mom and Todd, and it’s in the middle of some really gorgeous woods, and there are cows!!! you wake up to cows mooing at each other echoing in the valley lmao it’s great

Unfortunately my mom fell down the stairs at this place, though, a couple weeks back— she’s okay now, but I just realized I’d never said anything about it over here. I was really scared she might have broken something again (this is the second time she’s taken a fall like this) but she seems to be recovering just fine with nothing more severe than some sprains and bruises.

Anyway yeah!!! And now I am here and idk how much stuff I have the energy to catch up on, so let me know if i missed anything Extremely Important

10:26 AM CST

I drew a Fi from cuteanimeburger's comic Computer Love ‘w’ 

10:07 AM CST

a message from pikeisaman





September 13th
10:06 AM CST

just a lil announcement

I’m going to be visiting my mom for the next few days, and I won’t have any internet access, so I won’t be able to post or answer any messages until I get back!

Thanks to all of you for your kindness and patience. :)

8:33 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

Looked back through your archive and just... wow. I love how you draw bodies in unique, realistic ways. For example, the fact that Velanna's breasts aren't super perky is a nice touch. (And there's nothing wrong with that type of breast in real life but it's over represented in a lot of fanart.)

Thank you! We here at serenity-fails dot tumblr dot com believe in the power of Real Boob Physics™!

lmao, but seriously, thanks! I dunno if anyone’s noticed yet but I love breasts a whole lot and they, like they people who have them, come in all sortsa shapes and sizes that need more love than they get.

Also do you think there’s room for a bra in those rags she wears? nah

September 12th
3:13 PM CST

ready 2 worship this lady

3:12 PM CST

every so often I’m like “how come I never draw Fenris?” and then I try to draw Fenris and I remember