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Catastrophe Theory
written by whitachi, illustrated by me.
zombies! drama! humor! boners!

April 22nd
4:03 PM CST

i also did another boring bust of shorthaired Seriah

i dunno what will be the situation with the Warden Commander in DA3 but I CAN DREAM OK

3:57 PM CST

[Briala intensifies]

10:58 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

I was wondering, would you be okay if I drew a variation of your Mako Fanclub President/Founder comic (with different characters from another fandom, no tracing) if I linked mine back to you as the source? I wanted to ask first because I know the pain of having my art/ideas taken without permission.

Sure, knock yourself out! And thanks for asking first! The original idea was a post by whitachi, which is linked on my post, and I consulted her too. Have fun! :>

April 20th
10:29 PM CST
Do you mean specifics? I tend to keep most of my stuff vague as to now alienate readers. I may include some elements of style, dress, etc, but I tend to reserve the descriptions mostly for personality.

Being vague isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but being such a visual person, appearance is a really important part of character for me! Like, when I design a character there’s sort of a balance going on between personality informing appearance and appearance informing personality. A person’s appearance will affect how the people around them perceive them. Conversely, how someone chooses to present themself says a lot about their personality! That doesn’t mean necessarily describing every different colored fleck of their eyeballs or whatever, but you know, how they wear their hair, or if they have any hair at all, or their skin color. Their build. Something.

I’m also thinking of instances where someone wants me to draw the character, but literally the only clues I have to go on are “gender and the fact that they have a body which seems to still have all the expected limbs”. I can make something up, but it’s a little easier if I’ve got one or two descriptors to build off of.

I can see how getting way too specific and/or waxing purple about someone’s appearance might be tedious, but I don’t think making everyone in your universe a blank visual slate is the answer to that.

But again, character design is what I’m interested in and I’m not a writer. That’s just how I function.

10:04 PM CST

This is where me and writer-types who don’t think visually go our separate ways. When a writer tells me they have no idea what their character looks like, it’s like they just told me they don’t know what hands are or something. BUT HOW

10:03 PM CST



More Masked Empires. I was thinking about doing a Gaspard but it hit me that maybe at least one of the Chevaliers should have ridiculous facial hair and I became too overwhelmed to continue.

Ahhh OP!  I have Felassan feels!  These are some great head shots!

But also, did you find descriptors for Michel in the novel?  Because I’ve read it twice now and cannot for the life of me figure out what he looked like.  His armor, I got that… but nothing about HIM.

Thank you!

AND NO, I didn’t, very few of the characters are actually…. described, ever, hahahaha. I’d have to go all the way through again to be sure but the only descriptor I could find for Michel was “large”. :B Felassan didn’t really have anything either, besides the fact that he a.) wore a hood at some point and b.) has tattoos. Gaspard was just “tall” and “broad in shoulder”. If there were any other descriptors, I missed them.

April 18th
5:15 PM CST
iron-eater replied to your photo: 
I love what you did with the colors and profiles here!

thank you so much!! me and colors are like… AHHHH WHAT? WHAT?????? ? ? ?? so I’m glad that…. worked out….. ;u;

iambickilometer replied to your photo:
jesus fuck katie

t…thank you……………..

4:40 PM CST

a children’s tale, the lonesome wail of a lion’s roar (x)

8:34 AM CST

a message from Anonymous

please please, if you have the time, make more Briala/Celene fanart

I’m making one RIGHT NOW :O :O :O

April 17th
7:53 AM CST

$5 sketches!


I am taking $5 sketch commissions from Wednesday, April 16 until Tuesday, April 22 (and possibly longer, depending on how quickly I get through them). There is not a limit to what you ask of me, providing you can provide a description or reference if I am not familiar with the subject matter. Please send me an ask or email me at aoptslays@gmail.com (note that this is not my Paypal account, I will provide you that address when you send me the request).

My sketches/artwork is collected here, if you want to peruse it, and here are some examples of what a sketch would look like:



Again, shoot me an ask or email me at aoptslays@gmail.com if you want to make a request. Or please reblog if you think people who follow you might be interested. Thanks!

April 16th
9:40 AM CST

More Masked Empires. I was thinking about doing a Gaspard but it hit me that maybe at least one of the Chevaliers should have ridiculous facial hair and I became too overwhelmed to continue.

April 15th
11:05 AM CST

I’ve been really sick, but Masked Empire came so I plowed through it while I’ve been recovering and AHHHH MY EMOTIONS

Wanna do some more later, but here’s some little heads while I try to get down how I pictured everyone.